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Commander / EDH

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Syl says...


I would recommend Tinker to get Darksteel Forge early, especially in an artifact deck. And maybe some tutors like Vampiric Tutor , Demonic Tutor and Planar Portal .

Gate to the AEther seems too dangerous, you don't know what your opponent can play...

August 6, 2011 6:20 a.m.

Syl says...


Well, seems like your still working on your deck (since you changed your General :) ).Be aware that Progenitus WILL BE shuffled into your library if it is destroyed (Wrath of God , Damnation , All Is Dust , Oblivion Stone ), it won't go into the command zone.

August 6, 2011 6:25 a.m.

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Sets 2012 Core Set , MTG: Commander, New Phyrexia, Mirrodin Besieged, Scars of Mirrodin, 2011 Core Set, Archenemy, Rise of the Eldrazi, Zendikar, 2010 Core Set, Shards of Alara, Lorwyn, Tenth Edition, Future Sight, Time Spiral, Dissension, Guildpact, Ravnica: City of Guilds, Ninth Edition, Champions of Kamigawa, Fifth Dawn, Darksteel, Mirrodin, Odyssey, Apocalypse, Nemesis, Urza's Destiny, Revised Edition
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