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Artifact / Blue - Unbeatable Deck

I'm having lots os success in commander games with this deck, single or multiplayer. And tons of fun! You just need to survive for at least 5 turns to prettymuch become invulnerable.

The Commander

Padeem, Consul of Innovation is not an obvious choice for commander, I've tried Memnarch , Arcum Dagsson , Muzzio, Visionary Architect and many others, but Padeem's 4 mana cost + the draws + hexproof makes it perfect for the strategy.

Looks heavy, but its not

This deck may look mana heavy but it's not. There's lots of cards to get your artifacts, legends an colorless cards pretty cheap: Conduit of Ruin ; Etherium Sculptor ; Foundry Inspector ; Jhoira's Familiar ; Cloud Key ; Semblance Anvil ; The Immortal Sun . You can also use cards like Arcum Dagsson , Master Transmuter , Muzzio, Visionary Architect , Mycosynth Golem , Quicksilver Amulet , Thran Temporal Gateway to get then even cheaper. If you manage to put Mycosynth Golem + Mycosynth Lattice on the battlefield then everything's for free.


To draw lots of cards fast is key because you need an specific set of cards in the battlefield to close the perfect circuit. Look for Consecrated Sphinx , Kefnet the Mindful , Muzzio, Visionary Architect , Vedalken Archmage , Future Sight , Sensei's Divining Top , Mind's Eye , The Immortal Sun , Trading Post , Blighted Cataract , Mikokoro, Center of the Sea , Thassa, God of the Sea .


To get the specific set of cards you need there's lots of tutors for it: Arcum Dagsson , Conduit of Ruin , Fabricate , Planar Bridge , Ring of Three Wishes , Inventors' Fair , Sanctum of Ugin , Treasure Mage , Tribute Mage , Trophy Mage .


Especially in multiplayer there's always someone playing globals, destroying everything on the battlefield. And there's a few cards that you cannot allow to stay in your graveyard, like Pariah's Shield , Mycosynth Lattice , Darksteel Forge and Platinum Angel . Get then back in action as fast as you can with Myr Retriever , Scarecrone , Workshop Assistant , Trading Post , Academy Ruins , Buried Ruin .

Win Conditions

The most obvious ones are Mechanized Production and Stuffy Doll . You can also attach Mechanized Production with Blinkmoth Urn for lots of mana. You get so many draws along the way that Psychosis Crawler becomes a real threat to your opponents. Your biggest creatures can become unblockable with Rogue's Passage or Thassa, God of the Sea . Memnarch and Blightsteel Colossus are win cons by then selfs, especially with indestructible ( Darksteel Forge ) and hexproff ( Padeem, Consul of Innovation ).


Especially in the early game (first 5 turns) you are a little bit vulnerable, thats why you need cards like Darksteel Myr , Kefnet the Mindful , Thaumatic Compass  , Maze of Ith . Silverskin Armor is there only to protect the commander Padeem, Consul of Innovation , and make a closed circuit combo with Mycosynth Lattice and Darksteel Forge . Don't forget Platinum Angel and Platinum Emperion .


You can always add Paradox Engine and Nevinyrral's Disk to your deck for insane infinite combos. They are not on my list for personal reasons.

Main protection combo (closed circuit combo): Padeem, Consul of Innovation + Silverskin Armor + indestructible creature + Pariah's Shield + Mycosynth Lattice + Darksteel Forge . Control combo: Memnarch + Mycosynth Lattice . Anti artifact combo: Arcum Dagsson + Mycosynth Lattice . Cards for free combo: Mycosynth Golem + Mycosynth Lattice . Counterspell combo: Isochron Scepter + Counterspell , Muddle the Mixture , Arcane Denial , Disdainful Stroke , Negate or Swan Song .


While you're building the "protection combo", the only thing you really have to worry about is globals. If someone throws a Wrath of God the deck get's seriously compromised, because there will be some important cards on the battlefield that are not indestructible. The counterspells are there to fill this gap. Use Isochron Scepter with Counterspell , Muddle the Mixture , Arcane Denial , Disdainful Stroke , Negate or Swan Song to give you permanent protection from globals.

How to use this deck:

1 - Get Padeem, Consul of Innovation + Silverskin Armor down to start drawing cards fast and to protect your artifacts.

2 - Complete the "damage protection combo", that consists of an indestructible creature + Pariah's Shield . Thats why there is so many of these creatures on the deck: Thassa, God of the Sea ; Creepy Doll ; Darksteel Gargoyle ; Darksteel Juggernaut ; Darksteel Myr ; Kefnet the Mindful ; Manor Gargoyle ; Stuffy Doll , Blightsteel Colossus .

3 - Get Mycosynth Lattice down.

4 - Get Darksteel Forge down.

5 - Get Platinum Angel down.

6 - Get Platinum Emperion down.

7 - Get Mycosynth Golem down.

8 - Get Isochron Scepter + counterspell down.

9 - Get win con down.

10 - Get Grafdigger's Cage down.



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