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Art of Saheeli [Oathbreaker]

Oathbreaker Artifact Tokens UR (Izzet)



Brewing in progress for an Oathbreaker Saheeli deck.

Suggestions are appreciated!


This decklist aims to build an army of tiny tokens and run over your opponents. Reckless Fireweaver , Purphoros and Master of Etherium come here to help this strategy. Late game, Ghirapur AEther Grid might be considered a finisher, especially in combination with Unwinding Clock and Lattice . Since I play Lattice, I added Karn and Vandalblast for a backup win condition.

  • Thoughtcast : Affinity reduces the commander tax too.

  • Brudiclad : transform a Servo token into a big artifact/creature with Saheeli, then turn all tokens into that artifact/creature with Brudiclad.

  • Narset's Reversal : since a signature spell must return to the command zone, bouncing it to its owner's hand with Narset's Reversal works the same as a plain counterspell, but you get a copy for yourself.

  • Negate : this spell will never be a dead card since it can counter oathbreakers and their signature spells.

  • Dack : I like to consider this card as a manarock. He's better in classic EDH with all these shiny Sol Rings, but he's still good in this format.

Card choices explained
  • Role Reversal : Is chosen in place of Pongify or Reality Shift , because it's –most of the time– better to steal a threat than destroying it. Plus it can hit any permanent type. Take that Servo for your Eldrazi! The downfall, it's a sorcery. !testing

  • Hour of Devastation : It's a boardwipe that can hit planeswalkers/oathbreakers. But 5 damage might be not enough. !testing

  • Tangle Wire : You could consider this card like a ramp. It gains you some time. You will always tap 2 permanents less than your opponents (because you'll remove a fade counter before resolving the "tap-permanents" trigger, and you may tap Tangle Wire itself for its effect). And with Saheeli, it's even 3 permanents less if you tap the created token. Bonus interaction with Goblin Welder for repeatable Tangle Wire. The downfall, it's very salty. Opponents will not like this card. !testing


Cards in this category are being tested and subject to be removed from the deck.

That left a deck of value ~250$, which is more acceptable. You will lose in rapidity, but that's OK in a multiplayer table, depending on your meta.

I've the feeling the list has too many finishers and not enough permissions/removals/wipes/interactions. More playtests will confirm or deny this.

First playtests led to many changes:

  • Flux Channeler out for → Phyrexian Revoker : Does not enough for the deck's strategy. Replaced by something new to test. Pithing Needle is already strong.
  • Pyroblast out for → Chaos Warp : Pyroblast is a strong card, as you will most of the time encounter at least one blue player in a game pod. At worst, you may discard it to loot effects. But the Oathbreaker format allows only 60 cards and therefore available spots for suboptimal cards are scarce. Plus I don't play enough loot effects in the new version of the deck. Replaced by another removal.
  • Faithless Looting out for → Retrofitter Foundry : Replaced by something new to test with cmc-1.

Manabase and ramp changes:

  • Casual multiplayer (like EDH/Commander)
  • 60 cards singleton
  • 20 life
  • Planeswalker instead of legendary creature as a commander.
  • In addition to the command zone, you have an instant or sorcery that is within the color identity of the planeswalker. Both are subject to commander tax. (They each cost an additional for each previous time they were cast from the command zone this game.)
  • You cannot cast the signature spell without controlling the planeswalker.
  • Oathbreaker Rules
  • Oathbreaker Banlist

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