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Art of Liliana [Oathbreaker]

Oathbreaker Discard Mono-Black Pox Reanimator



Liliana of the Veil Oathbreaker brewing in progress.

Strategy: Force everyone to discard, then reanimate something big. Beatdown the table with our reanimated fatties, or hellbent all hands and deal damage with the Rack -like effects.

  • Casual multiplayer (like EDH/Commander)
  • 60 cards singleton
  • 20 life
  • Planeswalker instead of legendary creature as a commander.
  • In addition to the command zone, you have an instant or sorcery that is within the color identity of the planeswalker. Both are subject to commander tax. (They each cost an additional for each previous time they were cast from the command zone this game.)
  • You cannot cast the signature spell without controlling the planeswalker.
  • Oathbreaker Rules
  • Oathbreaker Banlist

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This deck is Oathbreaker legal.

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