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Arguel's Turbo Smog

Standard* BRG (Jund) TurboFog



Help me with this thing. No budget, and I have yet to test this deck out. This is just an idea until I get some free time.

My take on a Jund Fog list. Uses Arguel's Blood Fast and Treasure Map  Flip as draw engines. Bontu's Last Reckoning is the cheapest board wipe in Standard. Sandwurm Convergence, Ribbons, The Scorpion God and Temple of Aclazotz are our finishers. While Temple of Aclazotz doesn't necessarily end the game, it should be able to stave us off from death by sacrificing The Scorpion God (over and over), the tokens from Sandwurm Convergence and any of our opponent's creatures we were able to gain control of with Hijack and Wrangle. Struggle / Survive is scaling creature removal and a graveyard shuffler.

The sideboard is mainly geared towards control, as the main is built for aggro.


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