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First, Infinite Mana

Plan A

Walking Ballista Pew! Pew!

  1. Fetch Paradox Engine first, then play an artifact creature form hand and untap all nonland permanents you control.

  2. Fetch Citanul Flute, tap the flute to tutor a 0 CMC artifact creature, and cast it to untap Arcum and flute...

  3. Fetch Basalt Monolith add 3 in air, then tap Flute to tutor another 0 CMC Creature, and cast it to untap.

  4. Fetch Rings of Brighthearth, now you have mana.

  5. Last move is tutor Walking Ballista with the Flute, and blow all your opponents away.

Those 5 steps can be done in a "single turn".

Plan B

Razor Boomerang It's my favorite dumb card!

  1. Already had some nonland permanents which can produce , than fetch Paradox Engine.

  2. Tappedout your manarock add in air, and play an artifact creature spell form hand to untap.

  3. Arcum fetch Razor Boomerang.

  4. Equip Razor Boomerang on a creature who can tap.

  5. Unattach Razor Boomerang and cast it to untap, than repeat 4. and 5. throw it for a million times.

Those 5 steps can be done in a "single turn".

Plan C(Side Board)

  1. First, equip Thornbite Staff.

  2. Fetch Myr Turbine, then create a myr token to fetch Unwinding Clock and pass the turn.

  3. At the beginning of the untap step (now it's your opponent's), the Clock will untap all your artifacts including the Turbine, create another myr token and fetch Possessed Portal to prevent your opponents draw cards.

  4. Now your last move is wait your opponent pass turn and suffer, you discard a card or sacrifices a permanent, and fetch Sword of the Meek at the next untap step.

How Fun

mana + Rings of Brighthearth + Sensei's Divining Top = Draw your whole deck.

Intuition search for Workshop Assistant, Junk Diver, Myr Retriever = Always have creature spell can cast when sacrifice.

This deck had lots of tutor Citanul Flute, Fabricate, Tezzeret the Seeker , Spellseeker, Trinket Mage, Trophy Mage, Tolaria West, Intuition, Mystical Tutor, Whir of Invention

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