Architect Delver

Standard* Aggro Artifact Combo Mono-Blue

torridus Score: 6


12coil deck. It beats other delver-related decks because Grand Architect makes your guys bigger than theirs, and Phantasmal Image s kill Geist of Saint Traft all day.

Luckily no one plays Sever the Bloodline or my strategy of "play 4 Wurmcoils and clone one of them 8 times" would be really bad.

UPDATE: Well, it's only 8coil now, but the deck is also considerably faster and often runs incredibly smoothly.


Wednesday Night Magic — Sept. 12, 2012

This deck got second place in an FNM offshoot!

I'm pretty excited about that. I had a really good shot at first place but I made some small but excruciating misplays; for example WAY overestimating a Thalia, Guardian of Thraben . Somehow my opponent topdecked three in a row and I spent quite a few resources killing her (resources that could have potentially been put to better use later in the game).

Basically I've been learning that A) counterspells suck against Cavern of Souls , though I do have some Ghost Quarter s, and B) 4x Buried Ruin is overkill. I'll have to do some playtesting to see what I should do about that... I can either replace one with another Island or add an instant/sorcery to help my Delvers flip just a little more often. I tend to do well (sometimes too well) on lands, so I'll probably go down to 22. And C) Silverblade Paladin is annoying. I may throw in 1-2 copies of Dismember for big guys, since Gut Shot is usually enough for the little ones (Apostle's Blessing is damn good too - I may want a full playset maindeck). I use a LOT of phyrexian mana spells, which can be very daunting to people who are new to playing this unique deck, but have no fear - you gain it all back with Wurmcoil Engine . In one of my games today I reached 70 life before I won. 70.


2-0 (win) vs Monogreen Midrange
2-1 (win) vs Haunted Humans
0-2 (loss) vs Monowhite Aggro


Removed 2x Psychic Barrier from the sideboard. I didn't play any Wolf Run decks today, but they're a really tough matchup so I replaced the counterspells with... more counterspells. 2 more Flashfreeze for a full playset in the sideboard. I thought about Mana Leak s but the only spells I'm afraid of are red, or creatures that're uncounterable from Cavern of Souls . I'll deal with creatures using removal, not counters.

FNM — June 29, 2012


2-1 (win) versus Naya Humans.
1-1-1 (draw) versus Wolf Run Ravager.
1-2 (loss) versus Jund Wolf Run.
1-1-1 (draw) versus GB Ramp/Control.
2-0 (win) versus RG Human/Devil Aggro. Unofficial game for standings below top 8.


After finishing the FNM matches I moved the Delvers and Apostle's Blessing s into the mainboard, replacing Merfolk Looter and Phyrexian Metamorph . It just works that well. A couple of wins were from me double-cloning Inferno Titan s and killing the Wolf Run titans, which is always fun. What isn't fun is 4x maindeck Glimmerpost s being fetched by Primeval Titan s, seeing opposing Wurmcoil Engine s, and Slagstorm s... I think I need to make this deck faster or find a way to safely include some Torpor Orb s or something, because it's a little weak against ramp decks. I might want Mana Leak , Dissipate , or Doom Blade .

My local meta was very Delver-heavy so I modified this deck to beat delver, and was surprised to see a ramp-heavy but otherwise remarkably diverse collection of decks. I ended up getting 18th place out of 29 people.

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