12coil deck. It beats other delver-related decks because Grand Architect makes your guys bigger than theirs, and Phantasmal Images kill Geist of Saint Traft all day.

Luckily no one plays Sever the Bloodline or my strategy of "play 4 Wurmcoils and clone one of them 8 times" would be really bad.

UPDATE: Well, it's only 8coil now, but the deck is also considerably faster and often runs incredibly smoothly.


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This deck got second place in an FNM offshoot!

I'm pretty excited about that. I had a really good shot at first place but I made some small but excruciating misplays; for example WAY overestimating a Thalia, Guardian of Thraben. Somehow my opponent topdecked three in a row and I spent quite a few resources killing her (resources that could have potentially been put to better use later in the game).

Basically I've been learning that A) counterspells suck against Cavern of Souls, though I do have some Ghost Quarters, and B) 4x Buried Ruin is overkill. I'll have to do some playtesting to see what I should do about that... I can either replace one with another Island or add an instant/sorcery to help my Delvers flip just a little more often. I tend to do well (sometimes too well) on lands, so I'll probably go down to 22. And C) Silverblade Paladin is annoying. I may throw in 1-2 copies of Dismember for big guys, since Gut Shot is usually enough for the little ones (Apostle's Blessing is damn good too - I may want a full playset maindeck). I use a LOT of phyrexian mana spells, which can be very daunting to people who are new to playing this unique deck, but have no fear - you gain it all back with Wurmcoil Engine. In one of my games today I reached 70 life before I won. 70.


2-0 (win) vs Monogreen Midrange
2-1 (win) vs Haunted Humans
0-2 (loss) vs Monowhite Aggro


Removed 2x Psychic Barrier from the sideboard. I didn't play any Wolf Run decks today, but they're a really tough matchup so I replaced the counterspells with... more counterspells. 2 more Flashfreeze for a full playset in the sideboard. I thought about Mana Leaks but the only spells I'm afraid of are red, or creatures that're uncounterable from Cavern of Souls. I'll deal with creatures using removal, not counters.

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