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An Boros Angels + Humans deck featuring the one and only, Avacyn as the Archangel. Mentally disturbed by evil ancient whispers she will make her Justice the one above all, with fast true Wrath she will smite her enemies.

Lots of small good humans to get the board started, tokens with assemble the legion. Equipment's to help keep and kill monsters on/off board.

Original Avacyn or flash out Psycho version to save board against wipes, and use against enemies with Armageddon and other wipes like Worldslayer.

Bigger Angels to help small folk to stay on board, Iona to shut out a specific color. Aurelia to get another combat step, Gisela to handle damage and others to help it keep flowing. Different enchantments to get buffs (Double strike, True conviction, Iroas) and to hurt (Warstorm surge, Blind obidience, Purphoros) Some recursion with Emeria land, shepherd and Reya.

Odric (both version's) to control combat phases, Torpor orb, imposing sovereign and blind obedience to shut down certain etb decks and hinder blockers.

Hope u enjoy it, feel free to comment if u think other cards can work well with it and other synergies.


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