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Archangels Avenged





This is a red and white angel deck with plenty of legendary angel creature cards and a few human creatures. It's mainly a creature deck, and there are few enchantments, instants or sorceries. This deck takes a while to earn enough mana for many of the creatures, but there are some pretty nice combos you can play once you do have enough mana. Assemble the Legion is an excellent enchantment to have. Together with the two Crusade enchantments you can have more and more 3/3 White and Red Soldier tokens enter the battlefield under your control each turn. also, with the two of the Aurelia, the Warleader cards, you get up to 2 additional combat phases each turn.

Overall an excellent deck, not one I currently own, though I'm slowly buying the cards I need for it. I am also looking for any lower-mana-costing alternatives in the deck, so if you have any ideas of cards that would make this deck less likely to be mana-blocked, then please let me know in the comments!


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