This is my second deck built around Training Grounds and Izzet Guildmage. The previous version only included the Training Grounds + Izzet Guildmage + Manamorphose combo and so lacked consistency; this one branches out into the Arcane spell combos as well to make it easier to find a way to win through redundancy (hopefully). Dizzy Spell and Muddle the Mixture have been added for further consistency in finding the combo (as well as for pseudo-removal and protection).

COMBO 1: Manamorphose

The Manamorphose combo needs at least three mana to start it, so the earliest it can go off is turn 3. As with all these combos, Training Grounds reduces the cost of Izzet Guildmage's abilities to or .

  1. Cast Manamorphose, holding priority, then copy it for with Izzet Guildmage's ability.

  2. Let the copy resolve, creating and another desired color. Remember to draw a card.

  3. Once again, hold priority when you get to the original Manamorphose. Copy it again for , and repeat the process. (note that you can copy copies of a spell, which could make the process a lot faster on MTGO)

This nets you 1 mana of any color and also draws you a card, finding your win condition. However, beware of overdrawing. You can only make as much mana as you have cards in your deck.

COMBO 2: Lava Spike + Psychic Puppetry

This combo also needs 3 mana () to start it.

  1. Cast Lava Spike.

  2. Splice Psychic Puppetry onto said Lava Spike.

  3. Copy Lava Spike w/ spliced Psychic Puppetry for with Izzet Guildmage's ability.

  4. Copy resolves, 3 damage is dealt to an opponent and you untap a land of your choice. Repeat from step 3 until opponent is dead.

The advantage of this combo is that you can't mill yourself out and that it kills your opponent directly with infinite damage, however you need two cards for it while Manamorphose can combo on its own.

COMBO 3: Reach Through Mists + Psychic Puppetry

Literally the same as Combo 2, except it costs to start and draws infinite cards instead. This combo mostly sets up for

COMBO 4: Psychic Puppetry + Psychic Puppetry

Literally the same as Combo 2 and 3, except it costs and makes infinite mana (of a color your lands can produce) by untapping two lands with each copy. (You can also tap or untap all of your opponent's permanents infinitely.) This combo is most useful after drawing your deck with either Combo 3 or Combo 1.

* Note: Make sure you have enough mana available to start this combo if you use Combo 3; otherwise you'll just draw your deck and lose the next turn. Another thing you can do is use Combo 3 with 5 mana open, draw until you find a Manamorphose, let the original Reach Through Mists with the spliced Psychic Puppetry resolve and untap a land so you have 3 mana open again, then start from Combo 1.

ADDITIONAL COMBO 1: Eye of Nowhere + Psychic Puppetry

Do I really need to say it? While not actually game-ending, if you happen to have it you can reset the opponent's board, which would likely give you enough time to win from there.

ADDITIONAL COMBO 2: Psychic Puppetry + Izzet Boilerworks

This is reminiscent of Combo 1 in that it takes 3 mana to start, only needs one card, and creates infinite mana. However, it does not draw cards.

See next panel to find out how to win from here.

After pulling off either Combo 1 or Combo 3, the first step is to make infinite mana with Combo 4. From there, you can do several things:
  1. Make tokens with Rakdos Guildmage and swing for

  2. Make your opponent draw cards with Dimir Guildmage

  3. Cast Lava Spike or Lightning Bolt and copy it for damage

Pretty much the only way you can lose from here is if your opponent has Worship, 2 Greater Auramancy's, Leyline of Sanctity, and Thrun, the Last Troll on the battlefield. So try not to play against any Enchantress decks.

Sorry to say, but most of the time you kinda don't. This deck is really slow and durdly, and while it helps that many of the combos are instant speed, it's pretty tough to win through lots of removal or counters. It's really fun when you do get the combo going, though; perfect for a kitchen-table deck.

Suggestions? I'm open. The hardest part is assembling the combo, and one of the main weaknesses of the deck is that lots of the combo cards end up dead in your hand while you're setting it up. The two cards I could find that help fetch out parts of the combo for small amounts of mana were Commune with the Gods and Traverse the Ulvenwald, so maybe the next step is Temur?

(Original deck: Training Grounds Combo)


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