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Super Potato Arcade

aka: Please Dont Touch Me I'm Drawing Cards

Arcades, the Strategist...not much to say here, Arcades wants walls, and this deck has plenty of them. Plus a lot of other deterrents for your opponents to not swing at you. The basic goal for this deck(an effective one) is to sit back and draw cards. The eventual win con will be massive swings with evasive walls.

In all honesty the power level of this deck is pretty low, but It can definitely hold its own, especially if you can stay off to the side, doing nothing but drawing cards and being ignored.

This is my go to deck for playing against newer players, or if the overall power level of the decks in the game are relatively low. There isn't much that is overly oppressive, besides Propaganda, Ghostly Prison, and the main one Meekstone. So it can be a great way to hang in a game with new players without taking over(pay no attention to the fact I run a card with Banding in the deck).

But, like I said this deck can win games against experienced players piloting good decks, its not a complete marshmallow. This deck makes great use of one sided sweepers like Wave of Reckoning, card:dusk//dawn, and Fell the Mighty. Other don't touch me cards like Karmic Justice, Dragonlord Dromoka, and the previously mentioned Meekstone.

All in all I love this deck because it does one of my favorite things in Magic, and that is drawing cards. Panharmonicon, Lifecrafter's Bestiary, ETB's and some flicker effects will Keep the Cards Running(that's a pun on an Arcade Fire song).

Well other than a few other gems in the deck, I believe that is it..sooo thanks for taking a look! Please upvote if you like it or find it interesting and if you have any suggestions then absolutely leave a comment, I'm always open for input. Thanks Again......ok.....byyyyeee


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