So to start off you want to gwtvwalls out to defend. With 4 arcades in here,you usually draw him pretty early on. Then of course drop tetsuko to make them unblockable, for the most part, then the planeswalkers add the fun. Timebender is useful for traxos and sleep. Jace is great for sleep. Karn really helps ramp out cards if you don't have what you need.or he can create tokens with all the artifacts in here. Then counterspells and ixalan binding or seal away. settle the wreckage is very handy in keeping attackers away. Devious cover up will return 4 cards from graveyard to your library and with karn and all the other card draw you can usually pull wreckage twice. Add in the exile with teferi, or any other ability of his and your pretty well set. Memorial to Genius is a great card draw asset as well. Just tons of ways to get what you need and win the game. So far 8 and 0 in casual against all of my friends


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