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Arcades and Tetsuko on High Alert

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First of all, I am pretty new at deckbuilding for standard, as I mostly do EDH/drafting/prereleases with my buddies. I'm looking at doing a decently competitive deck here, but it doesn't have to be top tier or anything. Mostly casual play, but maybe an occasional FNM would be fun as well. This is also my first deck to post on Tapped Out :D
I've looked around and seen many people utilize Arcades, the Strategist and High Alert to make some jank defender decks (which look super fun!), however, why not add in Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive ?
Looking at the way High Alert is read, technically, the "power" of the card you are using doesn't change for the assigned combat damage! SO, the theory goes that you can abuse Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive 's ability that make creatures with power/toughness 1 or less, unblockable during combat! This can be abused even further with cards like Tower Defense that buff the toughness (and thus the unblockable combat damage) even more!
For example, say turn 1 you drop a Saruli Caretaker to get some more mana going (with the added benefit being a 0/3 that can attack later for 3!) Turn 2 you play a Wall of Mist . You can keep your Wall of Mist and Saruli Caretaker untapped during the opponents turn in case you need to cast Dive Down on your Wall of Mist to save it from a Cast Down or a double Skewer the Critics or something like that. Turn 3 you put down your High Alert and swing for 8, or tap the 2 creatures and drop a Arcades, the Strategist if you don't have a High Alert ! Then, on turn 4 you drop a Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive and a Tower Defense and swing for 18 unblockable! By turn 5, if they are not dead yet, you can just swing again and kill them!
  1. One thing I like about the focus on high toughness is it makes it really hard to kill creatures with damage alone! I can see this combo, especially with the walls, making it really hard for aggro to do its thing.
  2. Since we have the color green in this deck, I would hope that we could mana ramp into a High Alert pretty quickly to start attacking with unblockable.
  3. I put in some Unbreakable Formation in the mainboard to protect against a Ritual of Soot or a Cast Down or something like that.
Thank you for taking the time to look at my decklist! I am open to any suggestions! Especially with how to make the combo more reliable, what cards to use to make mana ramp happen more quickly, and of course what my sideboard should look like. Thank you again for all your help! :)


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