Arahbo feeds his kittens with steroid-laced catnip! The deck focuses on pumping one cat into a scary threat and then throwing it at opponents with claws scratching. Double-strike and trample enablers help pump Arahbo's kittens. Any feedback welcome!

The deck isn't really a "go wide" deck. It's more focused on pumping up one kitten at a time. Some token generating cats are still kept so that a spare cat is left if the original is killed.

Mutavault: This land can transform into a 2/2 cat at a moment's notice. Allows you to have a cat on the field even after a boardwipe has washed away your other cats.

Chameleon Colossus: Shapeshifter that counts as a cat. They can all either pump themselves or others. Chameleon Colossus gets scary quite quickly with his power doubling ability.

Adorned Pouncer: A double striker that comes back for more!

Brimaz, King of Oreskos: Even though this isn't a "go wide" deck. Tokens help provide chump blockers and backup cats in case Brimaz himself gets destroyed. The vigilance is great too.

Fleecemane Lion: Make this guy monstrous and he's practically impossible to kill. With Arahbo he become a 7/7 hexproof and indestructible cat...yikes.

Balan, Wandering Knight: Sucks up all the equipment for cheap and becomes scary voltron kitty.

Pride of Lions: A worse Siege Behemoth but's a cat. A 7/7 that can deliver its damage even if blocked is no joke.

Skyhunter Skirmisher: Two great keywords. A 4/4 flying, double strike for three mana is savage.

Leonin Skyhunter: Another cheap kitten with evasion.

Mirri, Weatherlight Duelist: Aggro decks have a problem with retaliation strikes. Mirri helps mitigate these.

Leonin Shikari: Being able to equip at instant speed can be very valuable.

Nazahn, Revered Bladesmith: This guy is a house. He tutors for his own hammer and can equip it right away. With Arahbo's trigger he becomes a 10/7 indestructible cat!

Qasali Slingers and Qasali Pridemage: Great artifact and enchantment hate on kittens.

Prowling Serpopard: Good power/CMC ratio and protects our cats from naughty blue players.

Savannah Lions, Wild Nacatl, Steppe Lynx, and Loam Lion: One drop kittens with above curve power. Suit these kittens up with equipment and smash voltron style.

Regal Caracal: The lifelink is very helpful in aggro decks, giving us a buffer against retaliation from our opponents.

Stalking Leonin: Political kitty! Makes opponents scared to attack.

Trained Caracal and Sacred Cat: Lifelink weenies that can keep your life total up while you race to smash opponents. Sacred Cat comes with some built in recursion.

Arahbo's two abilities help pump his cats but they need help. Trample and double strike help his cats get through their damage. Haste helps his cats hit the ground scratching.

Double Strike

Ajani, Caller of the Pride, Duelist's Heritage, and Fireshrieker all grant double strike.


Rancor, Berserk, Behemoth Sledge, Loxodon Warhammer, Rhonas the Indomitable, and Sword of Vengeance all grant both trample and a power boost. Haunted Cloak grants trample and other relevant abilities.


Swiftfoot Boots, Fleetfeather Sandals, Sword of Vengeance, and Haunted Cloak: All grant haste to an impatient kitten.


Hammer of Nazahn: Protects kittens, cheats equip costs, and gives a power buff...all stuff the deck wants.

Heroic Intervention: Protects kittens from both spot removal and most board wipes at instant speed.

Swiftfoot Boots: Commander staple. Hexproof means that Arahbo can still target the equipped cat.

Other Buffs

Strionic Resonator: Doubles up either one of Arahbo's triggers. There are also many other triggers in the deck that can be doubled.

Bloodforged Battle-Axe and Heirloom Blade: New equipment that gives our cats a nice power buff. The Heirloom Blade ensures we always have a backup cat when one gets killed.

Mask of Memory, and Skullclamp equip to kittens for card draw.


Updates Add

Playing with the deck, I've found that overall I want my cats to be very low CMC so that the rest of my mana can be spent on equipping, card draw, and other priorities. I've added a lot of the 1 CMC cats that have high power relative to their CMC. This has made the deck even more nimble.

I've also thrown back in Eternal Witness for a bit of extra recursion.


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