A blue artifact deck that I've been working on for a while. Any help is greatly appreciated. I will also try to answer any questions I can. Thanks!


Completely revamped my deck, thanks to cooknathan

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cooknathan says... #1

Just had a few playtests. I think the deck is working really well +1. The only suggestion I can offer is I think you could loose Counterlash , Steady Progress and maybe even 1 or 2 islands (perhaps you could put in some Mana Leak or more creatures depending on your meta) but I am very happy to see how it turned out. Well done :-)

August 31, 2012 2:28 a.m.

akatsukiguy says... #2

I would like to thank you once again, and I have one more question. Do you think that this kind of deck could be used for serious use? Like a tournament or FNM?

September 1, 2012 12:07 a.m.

cooknathan says... #3

Well the problem is that Steel Overseer is pretty much your most important card and it isnt standard legal. Modern is a VERY competitive format and I dont think this can stand up to something like affinity (the deck I linked you to before). Extended is a format that isnt often played these days but it might do okay in extended.

Im not sure what I would sub out for steel overseer if you want to play standard, perhaps you could just replace it with Treasure Mage and try to ramp into big artifacts or put in Myr Galvanizer and Tempered Steel and go down that direction. If you did something like this, you would win a few games but TBH I cant see how to make this an extremely competitive standard deck without changing a LOT of things. If you are happy with not having a tournament winning deck then im sure you could have lots of fun with this at FNM.

Another consideration is that most of your deck will be rotating out of standard when Return to Ravnica is realeased. If you are after a long-term tournament deck, I would probably try to focus more on your green aggro deck.

September 1, 2012 4:40 a.m.

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