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Apocalypse of the Dead (old standard)

Modern* BG (Golgari) Lifegain Ramp Tokens Zombie


The outbreak explained

(In 4 easy steps)

1- Find a beautiful and peaceful place

(Rampant Growth, Viridian Emissary )

2- Kill the living

(Go for the Throat, Beast Within , Tribute to Hunger and Black Sun's Zenith)

3- Raise the dead

(Moan of the Unhallowed, Cemetery Reaper, Grave Titan and Endless Ranks of the Dead)

4- Feed on the survivors

(Vault of the Archangel)

The apocalypse narrated

When life looks peaceful on the Forest and the Plains, the Viridian Emissary will be peacefully walking on the Rampant Growth. But the Swamp and the Woodland Cemetery will be holding an evil force not yet known. The Evolving Wilds will grant no place to hide from what it is to come.One day, and it might be sooner then it seems, the Black Sun's Zenith will rise and all living souls will fall.Then, will come the Grave Titan and the Cemetery Reaper to terrorize your neighborhood. The dead will raise. An unnatural silence will cover the lands only broken from time to time by winds and the Moan of the Unhallowed.Walking from all across the lands, an Endless Ranks of the Dead will come and take what once was the cities of the livings. Resistance will be futile against this Undying Evil .Shelters will fall one by one for there will always be a Beast Within . The dead will keep coming back and Go for the Throat, the brain and the heart. It will be a feast of flesh and blood, an insatiable and unstoppable Tribute to Hunger .And if by any means a ray of light or a living resistance seems to overcome the legions of the dead, it will only be for the Black Sun's Zenith to come back even darker and stronger then before, follow by the horde again.The Gods will leave the holy places. The Vault of the Archangel will become one of many new home for the dead to kill... and feed... for eternity...

Origines of the living dead

I am a huge fan of Romero's zombie films and when I saw Endless Ranks of the Dead, I knew I had to make a deck out of this bad card. It was not an easy task since it's very slow and situational. I had to make a lot of test and tried a lot of cards combinations and synergy before I got to that point. I have tried aggro with Gravecrawler and Diregraf Ghoul but the deck was always better without the ranks with wasn't what I wanted. I have tried mid range with cards like Skinrender and Unbreathing Horde but it was not fast enough to win early and not strong enough to win later. I even tried to reraise my zombies with Ghoulraiser and Ghoulcaller's Chant but this version was just the worst.This version is, from what I have seen in the 2012 standard time, the best way to use Endless Ranks of the Dead.

The end

I've been working on this deck since October 2011 (release of Inistrad) and I don't think that I will make a lot more modifications. It's not a tournament deck, even tough I went to tournament with it when it was standard and I have won some games.This deck have been made when Magic 2012, Scars of Mirrodin's block and Innistrad's block where standard and I would like to keep it that way. It's what I call "Old Standard".Thanks you in advance for the comments and the +1 : )


Updates Add

Nim Deathmantle gives me a hard time... I can't stop adding it and removing it. Sometimes it's a game changer, sometimes it's too slow and becomes a dead card. It's definitely in the deck, but I just don't know if it'll stay on the main or go back in the sideboard...


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