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Modern U/B/R (Grixis)



I want to bring something original to FNM, I don't care if it loses. Here's what I'm thinking:

Turn 1: Shock land
Turn 2: Bloodthrone Vampire
Turn 3: Steal threat via Traitorous Blood , attack, sacrifice to Bloodthrone Vampire
Turn 4: Copy Thragtusk via Evil Twin /Clone
Turn 5: Steal Thragtusk via Zealous Conscripts, attack, sacrifice to Bloodthrone Vampire
From there, I'll keep stealing/coping threats. Beguiler of Wills could make things interesting if I can keep her alive.

I need help with the 2 and 3 drops, not really sure what to do there. Sideboard is devoted to countering control decks as this will be super weak against anyone not running creatures. I don't own Olivia Voldaren or Falkenrath Aristocrat , so they will not be added. Suggestions and +1's are welcome!!!


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