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Anti-Blue Bar-B-Que

Commander / EDH



Friends don't let friends drive blue. Just a little blue hate fun with some burn thrown in it to win it.

Early game aims to handicap the blue player(s) with untapping Islands City of Solitude , Choke ) while in the mean time making them pay to play ( Magnetic Mountain , Price of Glory ).

If they do get lots of Islands, it helps your own ramp thanks to Carpet of Flowers and the basic ramp cards ( Rampant Growth , Explosive Vegetation ) can be copied for extra effects thanks to Wort, the Raidmother 's ability, and the other spell copy cards available.

Once you get big enough, light everything on fire, and if you have enough to one-shot someone, might as well end the game with Radiate , just make sure to stack yourself first so you resolve last.

Bonus points for using Sandals of Abdallah to walk right up to them and smacking them in the face with commander damage because why not.



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