Progenitus is a humongous commander at 10/10, but they still only kill via commander damage in 3 hits. And though their "Protection from Everything" makes them beyond evasive, it also prevents us from enchanting or equipping The Misty One the traditional Voltron way. However, if we found a way to give him +1/+1 through static effects, we can kill in two hits.

What this deck presupposes is, what if we gave Progenitus +11/+11 to kill in one hit?

Welcome to Anthem Tribal: The 5-Color Voltron Dream.

The Kingpin

Progenitus is more often than not the token head of any old deck that just needs 5-colors, but this deck is designed with the 10-mana fatty as its primary win condition. Our goal is such:

  • Ramp hard
  • Play anthem effects until we have at least +11/+11 to the whole "team."
  • Play Progenitus
  • Swing with a 21/21
  • Repeat until won.

The Boosters

Anthem effects are our bread and butter, the ritual jigsaw puzzles that must be assembled before Progenitus can be summoned into the world. They come in many different flavors, from the dueling aspects of Crovax, Ascendant Hero and Ascendant Evincar , to the elemental liege cycle, to classic choices like Crusade or the namesake Glorious Anthem. Some can even tilt games on their own! Well, just Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite.

Overall, we play 20 anthem and anthemesque effects, the best among them being True Conviction, which grants a virtual +10/+10 on its own.

The Lackeys

Because this cheesy deck can't help being even cheesier, Progenitus brings a few friends that also naturally benefit from many of our anthem effects. Cold-Eyed Selkie and Glint-Eye Nephilim hit big when buffed to draw us lots of cards, and Cephalid Constable becomes a one-man Capsize on a stick.

Should any of the above plans fail for some unearthly reason, we still have a foolproof backup: Hondens. Lots of Hondens. This deck can, and will, cast Conflux and fetch all five of these legendary shrines at once, or maybe Planar Bridge for one at a time when we get flooded.

The Protection

Building around a 10 drop with very specific mana requirements means we have to actively slow the game down, give us some time to assemble our foolproof, absolutely logically sound plan. Here, we play Ghostly Prison and Stoic Angel to delay attackers. We also run wraths. Lots and lots of wraths.

Yes, Progenitus is weak to wraths (and only wraths), but they are necessary to control the game to the point that we can actually get the big hydra onto the battlefield. Once our literally golden god has arrived, some already-bonkers wraths like Duneblast and Tragic Arrogance become even more very bonkers. And have you read what Razia's Purification does? Yeah, we might have to lose a few anthems at that point, but who cares because we just resolved a Razia's Purification with Progenitus on the board.

The End

Is this the most consistent deck? Sometimes it can be. Is it the most competitive? Depends on your definition. But is it a unique and fun way to win with a commander who just plain gets tired of being a figurehead all the dang time? I say yes. It's got my +1/+1.


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