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This is another Mill deck that I've just jumped on the bandwagon with really. However I didnt realise Mindcrank and Duskmantle Guildmage had so much synergy with a lot of the cards I had lying around. I could never get the hang of control decks but I believe this one was a success. I may or may not Sideboard in some creature counters and removal, but I would like your oppinion on that if you so please :)


Firstly Duskmantle himself can win the game in the opponents turn simply by activating his ability in response to an instant or sorcery. Then as soon as that card hits the graveyard your opponent perishes. (obviously providing you have Mindcrank in play)

Zulaport Cutthroat - With Mindcrank and Duskmantle on the feild there are two ways it can initiate the win condition: Attack with Zulaport and one of two things happen they block and kill it or they take the damage. 3 mana then wins you the game with Duskmantle's first ability. (this is by far the less costly of the synergies)

Tome Scour - Once the Win con is in place this takes 4 mana. Activate Duskmantle, cast scour.

Negate - This one I missed for a while however it depends on your opponent and costs 5 mana. They play a noncreature spell, activate Duskmantle, cast Negate. Card goes to graveyard, game over.

Fleshbag Marauder - This requires your opponent to have a creature on the battlefeild. Activate win con cast fleshbag, this however costs 6 mana in total.

Mind Rot - Same shebang as Fleshbag only without the creature requirement. (Also relies on your opponent having cards in hand...)

Last but not least, Consuming Aberration - This is just for pure fun value. The card speaks for itself. once hes on the feild you can activate Duskmantle with any spell and win. This is just a stop gap if the game goes on past turn 6.


Gravepurge - Ran out of Flasbags to keep your opponent free of creatures? look no further than this card.

Nantuko Husk - This can be combo'd with Zulaport and Fleshbag if you fancy a bit more aggression. It also has a key function for activating one of my Wildcards below...

Fabricate - This is Basically used to grab Mindcrank if you happen to have the rest of the win con but havent drew it yet.

Dark Petition - This I've put in purely because I love the card. Also allows for a tutor for when the game is going on too long and you need one of the win cards.

Finally my wildcard: Liliana, Heretical Healer   Like I said this card helps in all areas of this deck. It can return Fleshbags for more creature removal it can remove cards from players hands, but most importantly it can initiate the win combo for 3 mana. Activating Duskmantle and then +2 Lili and goodnight. Nantuko provides the key ability to activate Liliana as soon as she hits the feild by sacrificing himself. Think of him as Liliana's Martyr ;).


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