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Worldgorger combo. This list consistently goldfishes T3.

Win outlets

Win outlets are Avacyn's Judgment, Cut / Ribbons, or Bloodhall Priest. To get hellbent for Priest:

  1. Discard her to Anje as you're flickering with Worldgorger Dragon and pay the madness cost to put her on the battlefield 2.(a) Either filter your remaining cards down to instants to cast and get hellbent, OR 2.(b) Filter down to a second Animate Dead effect and then break the Worldgorger loop by reanimating a different creature. Then cast the rest of the cards in your hand and finally the second Animate Dead effect to restart the Worldgorger loop with hellbent.


The standard Doomsday pile is:

Preconditions: Anje out, 1 madness card in hand, available.



(order/number of last 3 cards don't really really matter, as long as you have one outlet)

Line of play: Discard the madness card to Anje, drawing Worldgorger and untapping Anje. Discard Worldgorger to Anje, drawing Animate Dead. Cast Animate Dead targeting Worldgorger. Win.


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