Here's an Animar, Soul of Elements Competitive EDH/Commander Deck.

A creature heavy playstyle that truly packs a very quick and tactical punch. Win conditions as early as turn 4.

This deck can easily be labeled as the "Fun Police" as games go real quick.

Combos & Win Cons

Fun Chains

What to do with Infinite Mana? Better yet, some Deadeye Navigator fun.

What Counters This Deck

  • Animar getting controlled, taken and/or constantly enslaved

  • Board wipes, they sting a bunch, however, getting ramped up again isn't too difficult

  • Humility - Plain & Simple, ruins the deck. If you're playing against then put in Decimate or Consign to Dust from the sideboard.


Updates Add

The deck is starting to play extremely nice, made a bunch of much-needed substitutions.

Dropped: Shardless Agent - Too many times has this cascade failed me, always exile great cards with it.

Archetype of Aggression - Never had a chance to use this, the win cons are rarely swinging in with creatures.

Urabrask the Hidden - While the haste enabler is good, never feel the need to have haste at the point in time when this would be played.

Grinning Ignus - Was a dead end, never felt useful enough to win games with.

Hardened Scales - Outstanding for early on and that's about it, didn't feel like Animar needed the help.

Added:Oblivion Sower - Additional Win Con w/ Cloudstone Curio & another EldraziForest - Deck really needed an extra land and could use 2 more, lots of muligans

Peregrine Drake - This was originally supposed to be in, slipped through the cracks.

Consecrated Sphinx - Card draw was needed real bad, can get to this card really quick & multiple ways.

Mulldrifter - Card draw again, pairs well with Cloudstone Curio and other bounce strats.



100% Competitive

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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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