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Animar Morph - Animorph Budget

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My BUDGET FOCUSED Animorph deck. (My first fully designed EDH deck w/o mtg veteran help)

Standalone - A card that works on its own or in concert with Animar, Soul of Elements Enhancer - A card that either amplifies or is amplified by Animar, Soul of Elements, standalone cards, or enhancers Enablers - A card that covers a weakness or fills a gap in your strategy

For Animar Combos: Ancestral Statue + Animar, Soul of Elements Used to bounce its self back to your hand, eventually for free, to get Animar beefy. Forced Adaptation + Animar, Soul of Elements Used as a sort of ramp when on Animar to make your creatures cost 1 cheaper each turn.

In Deck Combos: Primal Surge + Laboratory Maniac All cards in this deck are permanents, so using Primal Surge would normally mill yourself. Laboratory Maniac makes you win instead. Brine Elemental + Vesuvan Shapeshifter Play Brine Elemental face down. Vesuvan Shapeshifter each turn to copy Brine Elemental for your opponents not having any draw steps. Strionic Resonator combos with ANY morph abilities that turn a card face up. For example, using Strionic Resonator with Ainok Survivalist will destroy an artifact or enchantment, and then destroy another artifact or enchantment.


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