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My first non-vampire deck. Looking to overwhelm the opposition with hordes of large, low cost creatures. This is no doubt going to undergo a great deal of revision over time. Suggestions appreciated.

UPDATE: After several playtests I note I'm still having trouble getting damage across. I need more evasion for the big guys, since my fliers and unblockables need time to ramp up, which I don't always have. I'm adding the Archetype of Imagination to give everyone flying, putting in the Terra Stomper to add more trample, and adding Invisibility and Way of the Thief to make guys that are big out of the box unblockable. I'm considering adding Surrak Dragonclaw to keep my big guys from getting countered. I am seriously questioning the inclusion of Stoneshock Giant, since the monstrosity cost is so high for the unblockable effect, and replacing it with Magmatic Chasm. Thoughts on same appreciated.


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Looking thru some old cards I needed to put away, I found the Scuttlemutt. For the same 3 generic CMC (which means free more often than not in this deck), I get the same mana dirk ability the Opaline Unicirn provides, but also the second ability to change target creature’s color. Making it MUCH easier to swing thru with Animar for commander damage using his pro white and pro black abilities.


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