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My attempt at an Oathbreaker deck led by Angrath, the Flame-Chained . I had always loved Angrath since I first saw him in Ixalan, but could never fit him into one of my commander decks.


The deck has two main strategies: take it and break it, and discard. Discard is an easy fit for Angrath, because his first ability does it and his ultimate kills your opponents for doing it. Angrath's ultimate and incidental discard punishment is the deck's main win condition. Take it and break it is the secondary strategy of the deck. It involves using treason affects to take your opponents permanents, use them, then destroy them. Angrath has this built in, and I chose Hijack as my signature spell because it also does this, and depicts Angrath.


This section includes cards that sacrifice creatures. I focused on repeatable sacrifice effects, to go along with my repeatable Hijack and Angrath's -2. I chose repeatable sacrifice outlets that also force players to discard, to work with the deck's main strategy. I included Plaguecrafter because it forces people to sacrifice planeswalkers too, or facilitates the decks main discard strategy.
Forcing your opponents to discard cards is the core strategy of this deck. I focused on cards that make exclusively your opponents discard, and avoided symmetrical effects.
Discard synergy includes cards that give you benefits or damage your opponents when they discard cards. Words of Waste and Geth's Grimoire allow you to quickly force all of your opponents to discard their hands if you have the mana.
This one is pretty simple. I chose to spend a little more on this section than I would on others to make sure the deck has a solid mana base.
This section includes cards that take creatures your opponents control. I focused on cards that take multiple creatures at once, because single target treason effects are already covered by Angrath and Hijack . I chose to include Captivating Crew because it is a repeatable treason effect. Word of Seizing and Grab the Reins made it in because they are especially effective. Bazaar Trader has interesting synergy with Act of Treason effects, allowing you to permanently keep cards you've temporarily taken control of.
To me, utility cards are cards that serve a generic purpose separate to the deck's strategy. This includes card draw, removal and other card advantage effects. Spark Harvest is a card new with WAR that fits in this deck perfectly. It's a budget alternative to Hero's Downfall , and helps with the deck's take it and break it strategy.


I budgeted the deck to a >$5 per card rule. I broke this only for Angrath and Waste Not . I Included Waste Not even though it is too expensive because it is such an effective card when paired with Angrath. I also chose cards that cost less and were more on theme ( Dreadbore vs Walk the Plank ).


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