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Angels Swinging For The Fences

Commander / EDH Angels Humans Knights RW (Boros)




Basic Commander deck for casual games with friends. This deck will never see anything more than FNM in my dining room. Been away from MTG for 10 years or so and just now getting back into it. Obviously not completely up to speed so always looking for help. Nothing too serious but I'd like as many suggestions as people would like to give.

Nothing super fancy here. Angels, Knights, and Humans. Basic idea here being just to equip the Angels as much as possible and swing for big damage. Punishes other players for targeting me and makes my creatures Indestructible if possible to avoid getting rekt by Archangel Avacyn  Flip if she has Deathtouch. I want to keep the theme of Angels and Knights so please try to keep that in mind while making suggestions. Also trying to keep the costs under control. .

The biggest problem with big, expensive angels is always going to be ramp so I've done what I can to help with it.

Looking for as much advice as possible. Especially with development of the sidedeck.


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