They will beat you up with their beautiful artwork.

Angels tribal! Really just angels theme, since there's not a whole lot of tribal cards for angels beyond Defy Death and Herald of War.

This deck was my first EDH deck. I was attracted to Jenara as a general for four main reasons:
1) She's cheap to cast,
2) She's aggressive and efficient (I tend lean toward aggro strategies),
3) Theming a deck around her seemed like a fun idea, and
4) I had a copy of her.

Feedback is of course very appreciated; I don't play a whole lot of EDH games, so I don't have the best head for what's great and what's not in the format.


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Pulled out the deck to look at in in anticipation of Gatecrash cards and found a few I'd set to the side with it to consider.

+ Sol Ring : Sure, fine, I'll give. It's not like it was left off the list because I don't see it as useful. It just didn't feel as fun as including another on-theme spell. But I can accede that casting those big on-theme spells so much sooner is definitely fun.
+ True Conviction : Trial period. Giving all of my dudes double strike could put me far ahead in a game, while lifelink on my already big creatures will help me to climb back from losing, so this enchantment seems to help me do lots of things I want. Might be replaced by Akroma's Memorial but this seems to have more upside and use.
+ Silver Seraph : Also on a trial period. Threshold doesn't seem that hard to reach by the time I'm spending 8 mana, especially in EDH. Her double Anthem effect seems pretty ridiculously strong.

- Remember the Fallen : while this is a powerful spell, it just wasn't as powerful as some other options. It's not far from the deck though and might yet come back in.
- Wall of Denial : I really like this guy, but I decided I wanted guys who can attack.
- Vengeful Archon : This guy is awesome and bad-assed. Lookit him. He's basically a Spartan riding an angry, flying lion. The problem is, there's a good deal of competition for the "expensive beater" slots, and he's both not an Angel and essentially a vanilla 7/7 flier, since his ability will rarely trigger. (it's not like the opponents can't see that he can do it, and I have to leave mana open for it.)

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