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"ANGEL'S EGG" (Klothys Eggs)

Commander / EDH Eggs RG (Gruul)


Every egg has the potential for so many paths, so many destinies.

Here was my deck-building order of operations for the construction of this deck:

  • 1) Is it dumb? (Hell yeah it is, this is a modern strategy.)

  • 2) Is it a pre-existing archetype for Klothys on EDHrec? (It definitely wasn't.)

  • 3) Does it concern your opponents by doing powerful nothing for twelve turns then stumble into a win-condition? (I enjoy creating concern.)

  • 4) Can I name it after an obscure Japanese animated film with a cult following and come up with a joke as to why? (It does nothing for an hour and a half and then breaks you.)

All of these checked out, so I proceeded to brew this pile.


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