Angels Brought The Apocalypse

Commander / EDH* epartica


Possible New focus —March 4, 2019

Hey everyone, i'm currently looking to add more destroy all creatures, all enhancements, and all artifacts in to this deck pretty soon. I'm hoping to use my life-link for drawing cards and my angels to survive my board wipes. The main focus is still exiling though. Whether that helps me on my field or helps me eliminate threats on the opposing side. An example of this i'm think of is using Sudden Disappearance then using Akroma's Vengeance or Nevinyrral's Disk.

heyzeus_ says... #1

Yeah, Shalai is illegal in mono white. Commander uses something called color identity when determining a card's legality, which includes any colored symbol showing up on the card in addition to the card's color. For example, Alesha Who Smiles At Death is a 3 color commander, not 1.

Considering how high your curve is, I'd say you need a lot more lands and ramp spells, probably like another 5 lands and another 8-10 ramp spells. I just tried the Playtest button with the deck as is, and I hit an angel on curve only once out of five times. I'd highly recommend starting your cuts at the top of the curve - kill two birds with one stone. Other cards to consider cutting are ones that don't totally synergize with your game plan. Additionally, you may want to consider changing up your removal to cheaper and more universal effects. Specifically, here's what I would change:

Ramp I'd recommend: Sol Ring , Smothering Tithe , Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx which is also a land, Caged Sun , Sword of the Animist , Oketra's Monument , Burnished Hart , Solemn Simulacrum , Mind Stone , Thought Vessel , Fellwar Stone , Thran Dynamo , Worn Powerstone , Mana Vault / Mana Crypt if you're made of money, Hedron Archive , Everflowing Chalice , Prismatic Lens , Boreas Charger

Lands I'd recommend: Nykthos, Isolated Watchtower , Emeria, The Sky Ruin , Land Tax (basically land), Homeward Path , Secluded Steppe , Rogue's Passage , Arcane Lighthouse , Cathedral of War

Removal I'd recommend: Swords to Plowshares , Path to Exile , Return to Dust , Crush Contraband , Disenchant , Darksteel Mutation (excellent for commanders!), Abolish and although not technically removal you should definitely run Mana Tithe .

Cards I'd recommend removing from your deck: Danitha Capshen, Baird, Angelic Chorus, Oketra's Last Mercy, Immolating Glare, Reprisal, Invoke the Divine, Helm of the Host, Angelheart Vial. These ones don't do enough for their mana, are worse versions of other cards, or don't match your game plan. After that start cutting from the top of your angel curve.

I didn't see a budget posted so some of these cards can be pricey, but hopefully that helps!

February 21, 2019 6:04 a.m.

heyzeus_ says... #2

Also, you can't play Archangel Avacyn because the back is red. Same thing about commander identity as Shalai. Forgot to mention that, sorry!

February 21, 2019 6:05 a.m.

epartica says... #3

Thank you so much for your feedback heyzeus_ I will definitely put some more mana ramping in this deck along with fixing this mana curve. I just want to put down what I own that people can throw in ideas.

February 21, 2019 5:26 p.m.