Welcome to my attempt at Tribal Wurms. Because most wurms are of high cmc we run alot of ramp and ways to cheat out our Wurms faster. This doesn't leave enough room for alot of the 'tribe matters' cards. The main focus is to just smash through our opponents life totals as fast as possible, keeping everyone on the defensive.

Mayael the Anima is good for any 'bigcreature.dec', and though I usually like to stray from popular commanders I feel it was the best choice. For 6 mana we can dig 5 cards down and drop a critter on the field. Targets in our deck range from 5cmc - 9cmc and can be used prior to our turn to grant psuedo haste.

Other contenders were Samut, Voice of Dissent for the extra haste enabler. Rith, the Awakener would have given us a flying defender as well as an Evasive offense w/token creation, but I think it's a build around type. Everything else just doesn't come close to fitting our theme.

Here lie our slithering beasties.

Argothian Wurm : Early game opponents are less likely to want to lose a land. Later on depends on the game state.

Armada Wurm : 10 total power for 6cmc, yes please.

Bellowing Tanglewurm : Almost every creature we can produce is .

Carnage Wurm : Pairs well with Warstorm Surge , can also play after an attack, or hit it with Mayael's ability.

Deathcoil Wurm : Cares not for chump blockers.

Dirtcowl Wurm : Who's not playing lands?.

Elderscale Wurm : Lucky Number Sleven. Can pseudo flash it with Mayael's ability, Quicksilver Amulet , or Elvish Piper .

Engulfing Slagwurm : Destroy anything blocking before damage, if we give it trample they take it all.

Enlisted Wurm : Because who doesn't like free stuff.

Gravetiller Wurm : Again, Amulet, Piper, and Commander can give it flash of sorts. Can usually get a kill off any attack though to cast post combat.

Impervious Greatwurm : Great to cheat out, mana's usually not an issue though.

Metamorphic Wurm : It is highly likely people will try to remove our things because they're big and scary, so GY numbers should be good.

Novablast Wurm : Wrath on a stick. A long, slimy, slithering stick.

Panglacial Wurm : Still wish 'reveal from the top' counted as searching your library but we have enough ways to get in there..

Pathbreaker Wurm : Best buds with any wurm that doesn't have trample.

Pelakka Wurm : Not spectacular, but gains are gains.

Penumbra Wurm : Changes color with death.

Plated Slagwurm : Translation? Big + Hexproof.

Shivan Wurm : Cheap and big with a small cost. An ping a dork or our life gain wurm below.

Sifter Wurm : Set up the top for Commander ability.

Soul Swallower : Can get out of hand if not dealt with. Though may need to work on achieving delerium

Voracious Wurm : Few ways to gain life here, but can be an early play and returned later.

Worldspine Wurm : Great to have around after a boardwipe.

All we need to make baby wurms.

Armada Wurm : Comes with a twin buddy.

Penumbra Wurm : Dies and replaces itself.

Worldspine Wurm : Leaves behind 3 small children to return turns later hoping they'll understand why it left.

Advent of the Wurm : Flash blocker, psuedo hasty offense.

Crush of Wurms : 9cmc, 18 power... haste enablers in deck? Check.

Garruk, Primal Hunter : Lands we should have plenty of by the time we charge up the ultimate.

Sandwurm Convergence : Grounds our biggest problem and creates a critter each turn.

Here we have our ramp, draw, and ways to cheat higher cost creatures out. Most of it is pretty self explanatory so I'll just list them, though some still may get a little blurb.


Burnished Hart


Druid of the Anima

Explosive Vegetation

Fellwar Stone

Gruul Signet

Kodama's Reach

Rampant Growth :

Sakura-Tribe Elder

Sakura-Tribe Scout : Rather than a regular dork, I thought this would be good because of all the ramp that puts a land in hand and field.

Selesnya Signet

Sol Ring

Urza's Incubator

Alternate Cost

Belbe's Portal : Psuedo Flash/Haste for our tribe.

Elvish Piper : Seems a bit broken being it costs to drop a fattie.

Lurking Predators : If someone decides to cast their deck, so shall we. Well, all the critters anyway.

Quicksilver Amulet : Another way to pay less for critters.


Elemental Bond : 6/29 creatures don't have the power requirement, the odds are in our favor.

Garruk, Primal Hunter : Can be a 5cmc draw spell in a pinch.

Rishkar's Expertise : Can generally refill a hand or more.

Beast Within : Because there are worse things than a 3/3 beast.

Krosan Grip : Destruction in a split second.

Naya Charm : Bolt a critter, return a card from the grave, or clear blockers drom our path.

Swords to Plowshares : For the ones we don't want coming back.

Cleansing Nova : Choices are always good, creatures or A/E destruction.

Decimate : Minor hitch... Requires all targets to be available.

Hull Breach : Wreck one thing or two.

Wrath of God : The Wurm God spares no one.

Darksteel Mutation : While not technically removal, it works in a pinch.

Warstorm Surge : Turn creatures in burn spells.

Engulfing Slagwurm : Give it Trample and all the damage goes through.

Novablast Wurm : Sometimes, there can only be one.

Just stuff that didn't fit into our other categories, and wasn't enough for one of their own.

Lightning Greaves : Haste enabler and protection for anything we don't want dead.

Heroic Intervention : Board wipe counter magic.

Overwhelming Stampede : When you have's never a good thing.

Fires of Yavimaya : A haste enabler with an added benefit for when we want to turn our entire board sideways.

Mayael's Aria : A little bit of fun to increase power, gain life, and possibly win the game.

Rhythm of the Wild : Another haste enabler, though unfortunately not for tokens. Creatures not being able to be countered though is nice.

Wurms are big, but apparently not big enough to have reach. That being said it can be seen we have a glaring weakness to flying. So any suggestions to add thing's to help would be great. Also, I suck at removing things so please try to suggest what to remove as well.

Nothing here is set in stone, suggestions are always welcome.

These are the cards that are slated to be replaced. They either lack in performance or just aren't that shiny.

Argothian Wurm : In the late game it seems like it could hinder rather than help.

Enlisted Wurm : Just not sure if the one instance of Cascade is worth it.

Metamorphic Wurm : Grave hate is a thing, also there are times we aren't accruing much of a graveyard. Too situational?.

Sandwurm Convergence : I know I said 'glaring weakness to flyers' and this supports both that and wurms... but the cost, is it worth it? Is there better?.

Naya Charm : Seems weak, bolt creature only, recurring a card could be useful sometime, but tapping defenders is it's most used mode so far. Better option?

Gravetiller Wurm : Again it feels too situational.

Cards from the Maybeboard that are being considered to replace those on the chopping block. If you have any thoughts about it, feel free to drop a comment.

Krosan Drover : just another way to reduce high cost creatures.

Ravager Wurm : small for it's price, and the abilities I can't decide if they are worth it in the long run.

Saltskitter : constant triggers of Elemental Bond & Warstorm Surge . Pretty much useless as a blocker.

Skyshroud Ranger : budget option to our current option Sakura-Tribe Scout , but slower. Or an extra for redundancy.

Symbiotic Wurm : Tokens on death, not wurms but could be useful.

Wurmcoil Engine : excludes for budget reasons but I'd very much like to see it's inclusion.

Xenagos, God of Revels : Highly considering as its ability can make for some big hits.

Burgeoning : Another budget exclusion, great early ramp, dead otherwise though.

Cindervines : Good for pinging, and makes opponents think about what they're playing. Could also force removal.

Descendants' Path : Comes out earlier than Lurking Predators but still doesn't quite have the same bang.

Flameshadow Conjuring : I like it but feel it would take things in a different direct and require more supporting cards for a copy theme.

Sunbird's Invocation : Good in the sense that if gets free stuff, but I'm not sure if it's compatible with our cheating things onto the field. Nothing in the rulings for amulet, pipers and portal say anything about if it counts as 'Cast' or not.

Where Ancients Tread : A weaker Warstorm Surge , but 2 is better than 1.

Wild Pair : Same page as Lurking Predators only slower.

Explore : Not sure if good or not.

Green Sun's Zenith : Tutor for critters, but is it necessary with our commander being able to dig?.

Traverse the Ulvenwald : Again, one of those not sure if good cards.

Twinflame : Great for a big swing, better when we have things like Armada Wurm out so they leave behind tokens or other benefits. Would also be better had we a sac outlet but that feels like moving in a different direction.

Destructive Revelry : cheap, fast, but only for 1 thing. Decimate however can get hung up if missing a target.

Fling : and the related Thud are good for pushing through damage, but the extra cost of saccing a creature is paid even if the spell is countered. For now we have Warstorm Surge but it still may be explored in the future.

Vivien Reid : perhaps when this rotates out of standard it will be alot less. It has everything we need though.

Out -->In


Metamorphic Wurm --> Xenagos, God of Revels : If we had more ways to fill the yard the Wurm would be better. Xenagod is a haste enabler and makes things hit harder. Squeezes the budget line, but perhaps we can trim elsewhere.

Enlisted Wurm -->Ravaging Wurm: The sole cascade didn't seem worth it. With our other haste enablers riot grants +1 so it'll have better stats. Fight will likely be used more than land destro.


Gravetiller Wurm --> Wurmcoil Engine : Gravetiller is a bit situational and cant be grabbed with Mayael. Wurmcoil is very expensive $ wise... but could be worth investing in if we increase the budget.


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