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Commander / EDH* BRG (Jund) Tokens Value Engine



I’ve been brewing a lot recently, I work in an office on my own and it’s quite helpful to have something to do not lose my mind.

I realised I’d never actually brewed a deck before so I thought I’d give it a whirl, I knew I wanted to build a sacrifice engine and that I wanted to play around with devour. I was torn between Sek'Kuar, Deathkeeper and Prossh, Skyraider of Kher Both of these make tokens but I ended up choosing the Deathkeeper due to the fact he can make multiple tokens and we don’t have to keep recasting him to do so, I know there’s lots of Prossh decks that can do infinite but I didn’t want this build to be that.

After recent spoilers I’ve decided to run Korvold, Fae-Cursed King

Since play testing with this new commander I’ve realised we can also sacrifice lots of lands, so will be adding in a land recursion pack to the deck too. Just so we don’t eat up all our mana.

Looking at the wording of the commander I’m contemplating adding a treasure and or clue set up too, but I’m unsure what to cut, I would also like to add the cards in the maybe board but don’t know what to cut...

The aim of this deck is to build a big board of tokens and control the board with a Grave Pact style play. Every time we sac a token, everyone sacs a creature. Every time we sac a token, we draw a card. Every time we sac a token, we gain 1 life and everyone loses 1. A traditional sacrifice deck. Whenever we sac a creature that isn’t a token, we get a token from the commander. We sacrifice that token. We repeat.
We’re running several creatures that will give us more creatures when they die. - Doomed Dissenter - Blisterpod - Carrier Thrall - Brindle Shoat - Sprouting Thrinax - Tukatongue Thallid We’re also running creatures we can recast from the graveyard, potentially infinitely with Pitiless Plunderer & Pawn of Ulamog in play. - Reassembling Skeleton - Oathsworn Vampire - Bloodsoaked Champion
I find the devour mechanic very interesting, I think it’s great in this style of deck as it’s almost hidden, unexpected. Sure, we’re running a few sac outlets too but people will target these and it’s rare they stick around long. With devour it comes out of nowhere, if you’re at board state where you have 10 tokens, imagine casting Second Harvest and then casting Mycoloth this will create 20 death effects at once and then next turn you get the same amount of bodies back at the beginning of your upkeep.

I will update the description and deck list as I go a long.

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