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Anax and Cymede, a tiny romance

Tiny Leaders Aggro Budget RW (Boros) Tokens


(My altered art version el Anax and Cymede)

The main idea of this Anax and Cymede tiny leaders build is to swarm and overrun. Also, this format is filled with spot removal spells, so I had to invest a lot of cards in protecting Anax and Cymede.


Protecting Anax and Cymede

  • Mother of Runes: Obvious include.

  • Emerge Unscathed : It protects Anax, and has rebound so it gets casted twice.

  • Apostle's Blessing: Can be paid with phyrexian mana, and also gives protection against artifacts.

  • Ephemeral Shields : Since Anax has vigilance, you can almost always pay this with it convoke cost.

  • Shelter : Protects Anax and also gives us a card draw, which is one of the deck's weakness, running out of fuel.

  • Valorous Stance: Can be used to combat spot removal, but also get rid of any dangerous creature my opponent controls.

Pumping my creatures

  • Boros Charm: Gives Anax double strike, and can also protect all my permanents in case of emergency

  • Brute Force : Awesome card, for one mana +3+3 and +1+1 and trample for all creatures.

  • Defiant Strike: Its ok, lets my draw a card, and getting my hand empty is one of the deck's weak spots.

  • Titan's Strength : Kind of a weak Brute Force , but the scy can save me when I need lands.

  • Martial Glory : Very versatile, it can be used to pump Anax's power and at the same time save another creature, or vice versa.

  • Dragon Mantle: Draws us a card, which is great, and since Anax has first strike, pumping only his strength isn't a problem.

Token Producer

The Sideboard

This is actually the first EDH deck I built from scratch, so every comment and suggestion is deeply appreciated.

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I moved more into a token strategy, to "swarm and overwhelm"

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