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An Inconspicuous Deck With No Memes *Primer*

Modern Combo Control Mono-Blue Primer Prison Theme/Gimmick


Mono-blue control just got overbuffed i hope your ready letsgetintothedeckHEREWEGO

(P.S. tbh most of this primer is a meme but there are some gems of knowledge. I was bored and running on five hours of sleep when I wrote this primer so give me some slack)


But that won't stop us!

Intro for normal people:

Mono blue has been a fringe deck for years (and when I say fringe that's my nice way os saying it was so bad that nobody played it), but now wizards decided to unnerf this op-unplayed-win-every-game strat and print Narset, Parter of Veils . YES! FINALLY! Some good frickin mono blue meme plays are finally available! Leovold was annoying enough in commander, but a modern effective copy in blue will be crazy good. Now we can do crazy shit like bouncing all their creatures, then casting Day's Undoing with narset on the field, shuffling their board into their deck. Oh, and they only get to draw one card. It's actually pretty good - or I guess I should say it just isn't garbage anymore.

Intro for mono-blue players (normal people may also read):

I know what your thinking: what self-respecting blue player doesn't have four cryptic commands? And who do you think you are not playing Snapcaster Mage ? I'm here to tell you something. It might be traumatic. It might send you spiraling into a midlife crisis. Here it is: current blue strategies are just bad. Yeah i could play four snapcasters, but what good is a snapcaster if I've already lost on turn four, and the same thing goes for cryptic command. This deck goes a much different route, it tries to stall early with pitch spells like Disrupting Shoal (bad targets for snapcaster) and lock late game with Narset, Parter of Veils .

A Brief Warning

Continue at your own peril! In your journey to find the second panel you will be greeted by all manner of terrible images. If you wander too long through the following maze you will lose your hope and your humanity, and you may just lose...

YES YOU DID IT you found the second panel IM PROUD OF YOU! Hopefully you survived with enough sanity to understant the following COMBOS AND SYNERGIES which make up the core of the deck

FIRST we have the primary WOMBOCOMBO:

we play Thing in the Ice   turn two, then narset turn three. We use useless blue control spells to protect these two combo pieces. When it comes back to our turn, we play a couple of spells to get Thing in the Ice   to one counter. Then, we cast Day's Undoing . The final counter is removed from TiTi, bouncing all their creatures, then their hand (and graveyard) gets shuffled away, and they only get to draw a single card cuz narset things .

THEN there is the lock:

With NARSET already on the field, we can use Lore Broker or Geier Reach Sanitarium to deny their draw (on their upkeep they loot, then they can't draw any more cards that turn).

AND the main synergy:

This is primarily a pitch deck, meaning you empty your hand pretty quickly. The synergy comes with Day's Undoing . Even if you don't have a narset on the field, refilling your hand after emptying it with pitch spells is a pretty solid way to reset the game if things are going poorly. Just remember that it refills their hand as well, and that day's undoing exiles itself.


Sorry, That Was The Last One

Useless Blue Spells

1: Disrupting Shoal is going to be the main reaction card in the deck. We have a great cmc curve for it, and will usually be able to mess up the opponent's strategy in the early game. Late game, we can just hard cast it and we don't have to worry as much about running out of steam.

2: Commandeer is just an absolute unit. We only play one because of how taxing it is. Against tron decks that run karn, jund decks that run liliana, and basically any deck that has a really good noncreature spell, this card can win games.

3: Force of Negation was printed right after Narset, Parter of Veils , and is yet another buff to an already OP deck. If we don't have commandeer, this is your best second bet.

4: Snapback is a super useful card to have in the deck because it is something that we can cast for free during an opponent's turn (to remove counters from titi) which will almost always have a target. You want to get to your upkeep on turn three with as few counters on titi as possible, and snapback will get you there.

5: Cryptic Command is the staple mono-blue card. We will usually be using it tap down creatures so we can buy time before Thing in the Ice   flips, but the counter magic is useful as well.

6: Spell Pierce / Spell Snare are the key one-drop counterspells, curving out the deck fro disrupting shoal and providing early responses. These should be used on anything they can target, and are mainly used to stall out until you can get the real counter magic going.

7: Remand , Unsubstantiate , and Mana Leak fill the 2 cmc slot, and are again mainly used to stall out the game. Remand and unsub can be an especially detrimental tempo play against some combo decks.

8: Engulf the Shore is key against most creature decks if we don't have thing in the ice in play. Unless you're hitting a hogaak deck, you should be able to bounce all their stuff

9: Commit / Memory is an amazing dual nature card in this deck, providing early protection and late game cycling as an extra (expensive) copy of Day's Undoing .

10: Opt is unimportant

The Combo Pieces

1: The deck is built around Narset, Parter of Veils . She is the main lock piece in tandem with the cycle and loot effects.

2: Day's Undoing is an amazing card, locking the opponent out of the game in one go with narset and refilling the hand for your pitch spells.

3: Thing in the Ice   is the main win condition, and he lets you basically play a one-sided karn ultimate when you have narset in play and a cycle effect in hand. They get to keep their lands, but whatever.

4: Geier Reach Sanitarium and Lore Broker keep the opponent locked down after a good Day's Undoing by denying their draw. If you loot on their upkeep, with narset on the field, they can't draw during their draw step, leaving you free to swing in with your 7/8 Awoken Horror s.

OK we have some more copies of MAIBBOARd CARDS (SnapBack, spell snare, spell pierce, engulf the shore, commandeer) all of which are suited to different matchups.

Ashiok dream render is good into graveyard matchups I guess

Dispel helps in counter wars and into U/R storm

Vapor snag and echoing truth kills human decks


Ok their done, we should be fine from now on.


OK some GAMPLEAY TIPS here we go

RULE #1 you ALWAYS run out both narset and titi as quickly as possible, especially narset. The ability to lock out the opponent turn three is just too good to miss, and its always fun to meme on them with your free counterspells after tapping out for an OP planeswalker

RULE #2 kinda just counter everything. Be that annoying prick that counters the stuff that the opponent doesn't even care about. With the recursiveness in this deck, you can actually afford to do it, and it will definitely throw a wrench in whatever they are trying to do.

RULE #3 play islands over geier reach until either you have no other lands to play or you have the lock on the field and no lore broker. You want to get as much value as possible out of a potential Engulf the Shore . If you are missing your land drops though, play out geier reach and start looting.

THERE if you follow those THREE SIMPLE RULES you can win every game EZ should be pretty easy for you nerds

The Lore Show


Updates Add

Nix from future sight has begun to grow on me for sideboard. rn it is maybe board. It counters Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis and Force of Negation. It beats new Collected Conjuring/Electrodominance combo decks, it ruins Living End strategies, and it absolutely destroys in the mirror matchup. So far I just think current SB cards are somewhat better.


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