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Help us...R&D under mental domination of alien brain in jar...only chance...Gleemax's blatant disregard for flavor text...send help!

Disclaimer: Apparently this deck isn't casual legal.

Mulligan until you get Erratic Explosion and don't have all four Gleemax es in your opening hand. If you are playing against 2-4 opponents, use Kaboom! instead, and make sure you have at least the same number of Gleemax es remaining in your deck as the number of opponents.

Play down a mountain every turn until turn three (or five), then cast Erratic Explosion , targeting your opponent. This will reveal Gleemax and deal 1,000,000 damage to the named opponent.

Lifegain: Rub this deck in their face unless they have an infinite life combo. Then that just sucks.

Mill: Now that was a boring game...

Aggro: Concede instantly unless you deck cut a Gleemax and go first, then you might win. Also they might think you have some burn up your sleeve, since it is mono-red.

Control: Ouch.

So right now, I'm really looking for any cards that are modern legal (edit: actually just legal at all would be nice) that could help me deal lethal damage with high mana costs, or somehow use the Erratic Explosion or Kaboom! ability twice, and any suggestions would be appreciated..


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Four Draco s have been added to the sideboard in an attempt to adapt this deck for modern. Of course, it won't necessarily insta-kill them, especially if they are running lifegain, but as VegaBoralis pointed out, if they are running shock or fetch lands or thoughtseize, it could still kill them. At least it's cheap...


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This deck is not Casual legal.

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