It's raining eggressively outside.

enter image description here

TRIGGER WARNING: Plenty of yolks to come.

The premise of our Eggsceptional Storm is simple: tutor Ad Nauseam and win.

It's that easy!

Essentially, we want to draw our deck, which will barely make a dent in our life total, dump our free rocks and mana accelerators to play Aetherflux Reservoir as fast as possible and let the lifecannon go trigger happy.

There are a myriad of ways to go about doing this.

gives us an incredible arsenal of Magic's most potent spells (and just so happens to be my favourite tri-colour combination.

Let's break this deck's main strategy down into three states: Eggs Over Easy, Over Medium, and Over Hard

Here is the simplest route, and that is to simply cast your deck via Ad Nauseam. It theoretically should get you the fastest win, and by default you have your backup storm counts via YawgWin to recast any eggs you've cracked.
Here is where our generals come into play! The Synergies between Kylo Renn and Thrasios, Triton Hero may not seem clear, but casting from your graveyard (post combat damage) with Silas is a nice backup. The real hero here is Thrasios. He has an infinite draw engine on a body. The easiest method to accomplish this is the tried-and-true Grim Monolith + Power Artifact combo. This generates colourless mana which can be used to infinitely activate Thrasios' ability, dumping all your lands, and drawing your deck.

From here it primarily defaults to our Over-Easy method of winning.

Here is the overly convoluted method. It's essentially an amalgamation of the previous two, but stretching out the timeline by using Elixir of Immortality to recycle our graveyard back into our library. By incorporating Thrasios' draw engine, we can draw our deck once again, casting any egg-artifacts we can.

That about sums up the premise of the deck's core strategy. Now we will move on to other ways to cook your eggs.

Here's a fun way to win, assuming your Reservoir has been dealt with and you've exhausted ways to recur it. Walking Ballista! With Thrasios' infinite generator sitting all alone, with no outlet in sight, here comes this deceptive monstrosity. Sink all your mana into it, assuming this resolves, reveal your hidden Finger Pistols and collectively ping the table - preferably while making this motion:enter image description here


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