Another Ayula deck

There are certain choices that may seem backwards but they have some thought behind them:

  • Swiftfoot Boots over Lightning Greaves : This is so that if equipped to Ayula she can target herself with the bear ETBs. Shroud would not make this possible, and you could potentially have her trapped in this manner if others continue to remove other creatures as they enter.
  • No Herald's Horn ?: As the tribe is only at a whopping 21 playable bears (we shall not mention Spectral Bears ), one of which is the commander, flipping a bear off the top is not as reliable as it might be for other tribal decks. As for the cost reduction, Rhonas's Monument covers this rather well.
  • No Door of Destiny/ Beastmaster Ascension ?: I had considered Beastmaster Ascension initially, but for the moment I've stuck it in the maybeboard. Will reconsider it at a later date.

Any thoughts/comments/suggestions are more than welcome!


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