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Amonkhet God Series - Kefnet the Mindful

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Hi all!

So, out of fun, I have decided to build decks around all four of the Amonkhet gods! These decks will only use Standard cards, and will more than likely be rotation proof and will be upgraded when Ixalan drops. These decks will more than likely not be competitive but they will be fun, themed, and budget (<$100). Alongside featuring each god, I will also add their individual Trial.

Without further ado, let's check the tech!

Kefnet the Mindful

Kefnet is the Amonkhet god of knowledge. With his ibis head and glorious wings, he represents intellect and the magic of the mind. Kefnet oversees the Trial of Knowledge, and judges worthiness based on mental prowess.


In order to summon the almighty god Kefnet, we need to have seven cards in our hand at all times. This is very difficult to accomplish in Magic, seeing as the maximum amount of cards you can have in your hand at one time is seven. Therefore, we will need to refill our hand each turn and that's what our creatures attempt to do. Each creature that enters the battlefield will, in one way or another, attempt to generate one or more cards itself.

First off, we will play four copies of Slither Blade. Slither Blade doesn't draw us a card instantly, but him being unblockable comes in handy for our deck once the combination gets going. We play spells like Sixth Sense in the deck which will allow him to draw a card upon dealing damage. The fact that he is unblockable means pairing him with these spells is a certain card draw each turn regardless of our opponent's board state.

Moving on to Champion of Wits. Champion of Wits comes in to the battlefield with the ability of draw two, discard two cards. This is great for us because it allows us to discard dead cards in hopes of drawing into something better for us. He can also be eternalized late game to become a 4/4, also drawing us four and letting us discard four cards.

The standard energy staple Rogue Refiner also makes an appearance here, as he not only gains us two energy (which will be relevant), he also draws a card while entering the board replacing a card back in to our hand, which is what we need. He's a perfect fit for our deck.

Lastly, we play Shielded Aether Thief as a bit of a surprise in this deck. He will take most of the damage away from our life points and also generate us some cards. Each time he blocks he gains an energy, and when we generate three energy, he can draw a card. His ability in combination with our other energy generators is a fine addition to the deck and he will more than replace himself.


This is definitely a non-creature spell heavy deck! We play a total of 18 creatures alongside a stunning 20 spells, mainly enchantments. Our spells do have a purpose though, and they definitely make a difference on our hand state.

For starters, we play four copies of Sixth Sense. I honestly don't think I've ever seen this card played, and I've been wanting to make a deck with it for awhile now, this being the perfect one. Sixth Sense is an enchantment that allows our enchanted creature the ability to draw a card each time that creature does damage. This is where Slither Blade comes in very handy, as does Kefnet the Mindful because they are evasive and our opponent will have a hard time blocking them from getting through with damage.

Pull from Tomorrow is a huge staple in this deck. Draw as many cards as we have the mana for while only discard one of them? That's probably the best way in Standard at the moment to refill our hand without a major downfall. Even playing this for 3-4 will be fantastic as that will be more than enough to get Kefnet going.

Cartouche of Knowledge is a great card and of course should be played in a Kefnet deck. Upon entering the battlefield, it draws us a card and lets us place a +1/+1 counter on a creature while granting that creature flying. Adding this on to a card like Shielded Aether Thief in addition to Sixth Sense is a great combination. The relationship between Sixth Sense and Cartouche of Knowledge is great.

Attune with Aether makes a presence here as we only play 21 lands, so making sure we get that mana fixed will be imperative. It also generates two energy to be used with Shielded Aether Thief .

Glimmer of Genius is a staple in a deck that needs card draw. Scry 2 is great. Draw two afterwards? Fucking dope. It also generates energy that goes towards Shielded Aether Thief , a reoccurring theme in this deck.

Lastly, we're playing Trial of Knowledge . This is a Kefnet based deck, so it's only right that we at least play two copies of Trial of Knowledge in the deck. Not to mention, it's not THAT bad of a card in this deck especially because we do play four copies of Cartouche of Knowledge. Why not?


We are playing 21 lands because of the three Attune with Aether are playing. The lands will be a play set of Botanical Sanctum because dat dual land, alongside 11 islands and seven forests. Pretty simple mana base here. In order to not get flooded you can choose to play the cycling deserts from Amonkhet, but I have not.

And that's it for now! I will make additions, removals, and updates as I think of other things to change to the deck. I would definitely appreciate the community feed back on this deck, as to what you would add or remove to make it more Kefnet-like! I wanted to add in Kefnet's Monument , but alas, I did not. I think it would be wicked to add in the God, their trial, cartouche, and their monument, but that's taking up a ton of space that could be used for other various cards.

Please let me know what to do differently, what to change, and what you would do! I love hearing criticism and conversing about the deck, so don't be afraid to comment!

Thank you all very much. :)


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