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AMK Zombies




Standard Prized Amalgam Zombies brew deck with new AMK cards - the deck I personally think is the next best aggro deck in the format. The deck aims to just swarm the opponent with Zombies, but with better resilience than say Boros humans.

During play-testing, I wasn't sold with Dark Salvation, although admittedly a good addition since it can kill creatures without having to pay X. I found that Collective Brutality has more value, since it can allow you to discard zombies (Prized Amalgam) while removing sweep spells and providing reach.

I'm also not sure how to fit in one more Plague Belcher (the deck is too cramped for a full set). You definitely want room for Haunted Dead and the full set of Prized Amalgam. Also, Metallic Mimic is just too amazing not to have in. But if anyone can find something that can accommodate space for the Belcher, please do tell me.


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