Been wanting to put back together a Curse deck. Aminatou, the Fateshifter will be perfect. Her +1 and -1 are OK. The first of which, putting expensive curses back on top of the library to be cheated out with Curse of Misfortunes. The second being able to change the target of a curse. Though the last ability will have a quaint interaction with curses. Being that most of them don't mind who controls them, just affecting who they are enchanting.

Started as a Commander deck. Adapted into an Oathbreaker Deck.

As a signature Spell, Enlightened Tutor works well with Aminatou's +1 allowing you to put that card straight to hand. Also with her -1 as she can blink a land and imediatly cast her signature spell the turn Aminatou's is played.

Input appreciated.

Disclaimer- Artwork in background is not mine. Not sure of artist to give credit.


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