Been wanting to put back together a Curse deck. Aminatou, the Fateshifter will be perfect. Her +1 and -1 are OK. The first of which, putting expensive curses back on top of the library to be cheated out with Curse of Misfortunes . The second being able to change the target of a curse. Though the last ability will have a quaint interaction with curses. Being that most of them don't mind who controls them, just affecting who they are enchanting.

Started as a Commander deck. Adapted into an Oathbreaker Deck.

As a signature Spell, Enlightened Tutor works well with Aminatou's +1 allowing you to put that card straight to hand. Also makes the ability much more desirable.

Input appreciated.

Disclaimer- Artwork in background is not mine. Not sure of artist to give credit.


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