"" A consistent turn 4-7 Combo deck for Aminatou, the Fateshifter !

This deck runs 14 tutors (ie cards that allow you to search your deck for a card and might be limited by a certain criteria such as its converted mana cost (CMC) or even card type. all of these are done to find combo pieces. this deck can be quite annoying, opponents will give you no room for error, going after your pieces. This deck wins usually by playing all the pieces on the same turn if its possible.

The deck wins with:

Eldrazi Displacer + Peregrine Drake + any appropriate Many Sink/combo (turn 5-10 win) + mana sink/combo. Or Deadeye Navigator and drake to create infinite Mana and win with an appropriate Mana sink/combo

Altar of the Brood , Aminatou, the Fateshifter and Felidar Guardian (which is my favorite combo of the deck) this also can be done with Altar of the Brood , Deadeye Navigator and Cloud of Faeries . Additionally this combo can be done by having out either Felidar or Aminatou out and copying one of them using Spark Double , which makes this combo twice as consistant when seeking it out.

Liliana, Death's Majesty + Felidar Guardian + Blasting Station , Basically Sacrifice Felidar Guardian on Blasting Station, Deal 1 damage, Activate the -3 ability on Liliana to bring Felidar Guardian back out, Blasting Station untaps, Felidar Flickers Liliana, rinse and repeat for infinite damage.

transmutation and tutoring goals:

Trinket Mage can tutor for any 1 drop or 0 drop artifact, this is best used for altar of the brood, however it can be used to get soul ring.

2cmc Dimir Infiltrator , Muddle the Mixture and Shred Memory is best used to transmute for Cyclonic Rift or Demonic Tutor when you need it, however it also can be used for Cloud of Faeries , Exsanguinate and Torment of Hailfire . it can be used for signets or talisman's if you NEED it.

3cmc Drift of Phantasms and Perplex can be used to transmute for Eldrazi Displacer , Teferi's Protection , Trinket Mage , Rhystic Study , Blasting Station , Toxic Deluge , Blasting Station .

4cmc Clutch of the Undercity , dimir houseguard are used for Felidar Guardian , Insidious Dreams , Spark Double .

It's nice to have various combos with this Commander in this deck because you will approach whatever combo is appropriate depending on your starting hand.

I decided to take my last deck: Aminatou Flickering Queen into a different direction since i was sick of losing. The now deck focuses on being a more control/combo oriented play to survive in the game with several combos and win-cons. This deck is interested in either winning really quick, or is set for the long game if it doesn't top deck.

You can transmute cards such as muddle the mixture to obtain demonic tutor, which can be used to pull any card in the deck. Similar things can be done with other transmute cards to pull tutors or combo pieces.

Once your meta gets used to this deck you can play combo pieces that you do not wish to pursue as distractions for bait so that people can use the removal spells on a card that you don't care about. So that when the time comes and you play your combo, people will not have what they need to stop you.

This is my go to deck for winning in commander. It is great on 1v1, its great even a 6 man pod.




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