Big thanks to Dango for his deck and it's inspiration.

Aminatou, the Staxshifter

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The deck is based on a much larger goal than myself. Turbo-Stasis is designed to ramp out a Stasis lock as quickly as possible. We do this by tutors and mana rocks. Cal is an amazing deckbuilder, and his list gave me great points to go off of. I've been playing with Mono-blue Stasis for about a year now, and this deck takes it to the next level.

Our goal is to jam a Stasis with protection, and make the game unwinnable for opponents. With an untapper like Teferi, Hero of Dominaria , we can hold the fort indefinitely, and can even generate mana while doing so. We also have a The Chain Veil package, with Teferi, Temporal Archmage , and Aminatou, the Fateshifter . If you don't know how the combo works, you can check it out here: Chain Veil Teferi. Instead of recasting Teferi (since he won't go to the command zone when he has 0 loyalty), we blink him with Aminatou and keep going. This works because we can get at minimum 3 increases in her loyalty for each 1 we take.
We run a full suite of hate, from Aura of Silence to Cursed Totem . We run both orbs, and Clock of Omens to tap them for our benefit. We run several Rule of Law effects, and we run etb hate as well as graveyard hate. It's resilient, and with all of our tutors, we can always find what we need at any time.

Thank you all! Again very special thanks to Dango and SynergyBuild for their amazing work on Aminatou, the Fateshifter stax. Without them, this would not be possible.

Any/all suggestions are more than welcome!


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Decided to bring this deck to a small cEDH tournament at my gamestore today, Got there at 5 AM CST and just got home. So tired.

First pod was a scary one. FC Tazri, Gitrog, Brago Control. The Gitrog and Tazri lists I would say were about 80%, missing the tutors and ramp that make those decks very good. The Brago Control list was 110% tuned. Had to tuck a Stasis in with Force of Will around turn 11 to win. Really close game, overall: +4 pts.

Second pod was a bit better, Tuned CVT, 75% BFast Hulk Thrasios/Tymna, and ShimmerZur. Had the board locked down early but ultimately lost to value from Zur. +2 pts, 6 pts total.

Third Pod had tuned Blood Pod, Tuned Najeela midrange, and a tuned Edric turns. The three lists were very good, but was able to play Humility t2 with counters in hand to ride to a win. Very fun game, 10 pts total.

Forth pod was very interesting. Drew CVT again, along with Tazri and the Blood Pod deck I had just played with. Got hated extremely early, fell to Blood Pod tokens. No points change.

The final pod had me at forth, Najeela at 3rd, ShimmerZur at 2nd and Blood Pod in first place. I lost the die roll and played last, keeping a Humility hand, and landing it on t2 with no real opposition.

Faced some gruelling decks today and played quite loose in my forth game. I definitely think there are cards I need to find room for, like Ensnaring Bridge and The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale , but it really was a fun day, and it truly shows the power of Humility on t2 with protection.

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