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Aminatou Angels Nauseam

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This is my version of an Ad Nauseam and Angels grace deck for Animatou.

Theres four lines of play that you can go. First, you can hard cast Ad nauseam with angels grace. Second method is use Flash with Academy Rector to pull out omniscience and find Ad nauseam and angels grace and cast for free. Thirdly you can use Felidar guardian and your commander to get infinite ETB effects, combined with altar of brood is inifinte mill. Lastly, you can cast approach of the second sun, like a boring bitch(use tutors so you dont wait 7 turns to cast a second time).

For the first line of play and the most fun way to win. (ad nauseam and angels grace hard cast) Your first objective is to get both Ad nauseam and angels grace in hand. Once you successfully cast them, you get your whole deck in hand. Proceed to drop all you mana rocks that net you mana, Mana crypt, Mana vault, Sol ring, lotus petal, Mox opal, Mox diamond and Chrome Mox.

Now you want to find away to put a card back ontop of your library. Use any of those rocks to cast Brainstorm(cant lost the game due to angels grace) or Animatou(if you have colours) or Scrollrack. And put Omniscience back ontop of your "library"(so it will be the only card in the library) Cast Flash with Academy Rector, which pulls the omniscience out. allowing you to cast your whole hand(which is your whole deck for free.

From there, you can cast windfall and yawgmoths will to recast windfall again to mill everyone. You can also Approach of the Second Sun easily casting it for free.

The deck is packed with certain counterspells to protect yourself. dont worry about what other spells people cast unless it messes with you directly. Also silence and orims chant are your best friends. stops people from interupting you once they realise whats going on. Everything else is draw spells or tutors to help you decide which line you want to go. So many tutors will tutor things to the top of your library, which is perfect for terminus or keeping a card out of your hand, thanks to wheel affects being a bitch. Gilded drake is too good to pass up on, being able to take away peoples biggest threat consistantly is too good. Yoink those commanders too.

I dont play combo decks at all, so i got a buddy to help me out with this deck. I'd love some feedback and advice. FYI, my play group is quite competitive. So be the biggest dirt bag you can be is fine.

Just no Lab Man. because im over seeing that card. i know i can just ad nauseam angels grace into lab man. but i can do the same with out it. and it would be a dead card normally.


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