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American Control




This is the latest incarnation of control that I will be running.

Each card really does a full load of work.

Advantage --

3x Think Twice Draw like crazy, cycling through your deck.

2x Desolate Lighthouse Wonderful card that adds consistent options throughout the game.

2x Sphinx's Revelation Life gain is nice, card draw even nicer, at instant speed this is a must have. Tamiyo's ultimate makes it even better.

Control --

4x Pillar of Flame This exiles most undying creatures and annoying zombies and just about anything else out there you could care about. This is your main win condition against control, once you get Tamiyo's token the game is over in short order.

3x Terminus 2xSupreme Verdict Several ways to clear the board cheaply and efficiently.

3x Detention Sphere 1x Oblivion Ring Perfect undying/zombie/rancor hate. The detention spheres also grab a bunch of angels in a pinch.


4x Azorius Charm Give you options. Great to slow down an opponent while you stabilize, great to draw a card later on, and can give you some life with your Angels in a pinch. Also it keeps the board clear and your hand filling with Tamiyo's ultimate.

3x Azorius Keyrune These birds ramp, block, peck, and let you draw cards with Trading Post.

1x Elixir of Immortality 5 life isn't shabby against fast decks. Against mirror/control it will help you not mill yourself and even if it gets milled into your graveyard Trading Post can grab it back up. Trading Post loves it for some wonderful draw recursion.

3x Jace, Architect of Thought Card advantage and stopping weenies, this Jace's ultimate isn't that great in most situations, but his +1 and -2 fit in any control deck.

2xTrading Post Such a good card for control! Discard for 4 life is a great way to get back in the game and out of those scary low life totals you might have garnered before your first Supreme Verdict. Use it for a fast blocker, or drawing a much needed card by getting rid of a redundant Azorius Keyrune. This card gives you options, which is what you want in control.


3x Entreat the Angels The main way you win against non control decks, cast these hard late or miracled early, these birds are efficiently costed, fighters and blockers.

2x Tamiyo, the Moon Sage Tap the enemy down ruthlessly and then use her ultimate to draw a bunch of cards and hit a Pillar of Flame for the win.

Sideboard: For the mirror:Geist of Saint Traft is hard to deal with.Jace, Memory Adept mills opponents to fast oblivion.Negate Those pesky spells. Sundering Growth get rid of O-rings and spheres.Nevermore call Geist or entreat the angels

For the zombies: Dissipate exile Purify the Grave exile

And the sideboard does a bit more given other circumstances.


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