One of the first real decks I have made. This one is for the War of the Spark set (with some minor adjustments).

First of all, this deck starts off slow, so keep that in mind. Anyway, I have included Death Baron instead of Vizier of the Scorpion because it is just overall better. I have also replaced Sorin's Thirst with Moment of Craving because it works better and it's easier to cast. Shock because it is a good cheap damage card. The last major things are Quasiduplicate and Thud which are essential to what I'm planning. I'm hoping to add in some of the Core Set 2020 cards as they get revealed if possible.

So on with the plan:

Note: Playing instants and sorceries is highly encouraged (except Invade the City and Widespread Brutality as they will be used later on).

  • Play Liliana, Dreadhorde General if you haven't already and keep using the +1 to fill up the board with buffed tokens (also good for card advantage later on).
  • Play Invade the City if you feel like you have a good number of instants and/or sorceries in the graveyard. This will greatly boost the amassed army
  • Assuming that you've played Dreadhorde Invasion already, after attacking with your buffed up 20/20 army (P/T may vary (has to be above 6 though to trigger the lifelink)), play Widespread Brutality during your second Main Phase (since your army token has lifelink it'll deal X lifelink damage to each creature, where X is your army's power. It'll also trigger Liliana's ability and you draw a lot of cards).
  • Bask in the glory of happiness that is the gaining of life.

Note: It's best to play Widespread Brutality when you have multiple zombie tokens on your side (to give the best effects).

  • Use Thud on your beefy zombie army token (preferably when its power is more than or equal to your opponents life total).
  • Target your opponent with the waiting damage.
  • Win.

Note: Use this if you KNOW your going to win. If it gets countered or the damage gets negated in any way you will be left without an army. Use this as a last resort (or if you have a surefire backup plan).

That's about as much as I have come up with. You can make your own combos and comment them for others to see (or keep it to yourself. But hey, there's no greedy people online, right?).

P.S. Sorry about the dots. They were meant to be a numbered list but after the first note the numbering started over from 1 instead of continuing after 4.

  1. Play Grim Initiate .
  2. Play Death Baron .
  3. Now you have a creature with first strike and deathtouch.

Any advice is greatly accepted (especially if you have Core Set 2020 card suggestions) as this is a growing deck. Also please, don't forget to upvote or feature it if you really really like it and want to support this deck. If you like this deck or any of the other decks I've made please follow me. It supports me alot. And if you use this deck as inspiration or want to modify this deck on your own account, make sure to put a link to this deck in your description if you want to publish it as it helps me greatly (and if you want, let me know if you are so I can help you if you need it (keep in mind: I don't do well with anything other than standard so I might not be helpful with modern/edh decks)). I will be making more decks in the future. If you want to see an idea you have for a deck be made, let me know.

Side Note: If anyone knows of any other hubs for this deck, please let me know.

Credit also to Wihito for the custom card names. Refer to this deck.

This deck was made by BP. Refer to this profile.