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Always Use Protection (List of Protection Cards)

Casual* Casual Combo Five Color Primer Theme/Gimmick


Protection From Black (59)

Protection From Blue (22)

Protection From Specific Creature Type (19)

Color Protections Not Based On Your Choice (9)

Protection From All Colors (5)

Protection From Red (53)

Miscellaneous Protections (28)

Protection From Green (18)

Silver Bordered (13)

Other (2)

Color Of Your Choice (51)

Protection From White (41)

Protection From Artifacts (14)

Protection From Creatures (7)

In case if there are those who are not familiar with the protection mechanic http://mtg.wikia.com/wiki/Protection

Whether it's from all colors or just Kavu, it ought to be on here. This is ability that has been waning in use in the last few years. It pops up now and again, but isn't usually for colors anymore.

If I have missed any cards or you have suggestions, please let me know! Thanks for viewing!


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