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Constructing a 4 colour 'special counters'+ proliferate based alt win-con deck around the newly announced Atraxa, Praetor's Voice commander.

This used to be a 5 colour deck full of nearly every alt win-con I could think of. That proved to be ineffective, inconsistent and no 5 colour commander really fit the theme of the deck and certainly didn't assist in getting to the alt win-cons going.

Since then, I have refined the win-cons to be focusing around the following win con types:

  • special counters. Any win con that says "if this card gets 'x special counters, you win the game." or "starts with X counters. Remove them all to win the game."
  • Board/hand wipeBarren Glory and several supporting cards.
  • Unblockable combat alt win cons.Cards like Vraska the Unseen's ultimate tokens or Phage the Untouchable or the commander herself with attached infect and unblockable.

Gone are all life based, creature based and unique alt win-cons (eg, Door to Nothingness and Maze's End. Now, everything is focused around special counters being added or removed with a side theme of infect on the commander. ( Special counter type alt win-con, after all ). The rest will be land ramp and support cards, especially proliferate.

To date, I haven't been clear with exactly what this deck is and is not. I'm trying to make it very succinct so others looking at this deck can better understand exactly what I'm aiming for.


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