"Everything here exists and perishes at my whim, including you."

Nicol Bolas.

Forever Serpent, Horned One, God-Pharaoh, All titles granted to the ancient tyrant known as Bolas, A power hungry god whos power was taken from him long ago, and he will stop at nothing to reclaim what is rightfully his.

When i made this deck, i had one goal in mind, to represent bolas as best as possible. When you play this deck, You are Nicol Bolas, This deck is meant to feel like it is bolas’s deck. with that being said, lets move on to the decks themes.

Resource Manipulation "Birth and death are both reversible"

Nicol Bolas delights in razing the minds of his foes, often turning them into slaves to serve him in his ascension to Godhood. With spells that annihilate your opponents hands and ways to enslave your opponents creatures, your ascension to godhood will only be accelerated as your opponents realize that what was once theirs now stands before them in opposition.

Control and Destruction "There is no greater folly than standing against me."

Bolas has destroyed countless worlds, whether to further his own goals, or just for his own sinister amusement. With a various array of counterspells and removal, very few will succeed in standing against him.

Tutors and Recursion "As i desire it, so it shall be"

Bolas will stop at nothing to claim what is so rightfully his, so many resources are at your disposal to find the perfect spell or creature for the situation at hand.

Damnation invocation art “The essence of every world, every spell, and every thought is power. Nothing else matters, because nothing else exists.” —Nicol Bolas

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