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Allies are back!!! White/Blue Baby

Modern* Allies Competitive Tribal

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White, Blue Ally Deck. Wins by Mill, Life, or swinging with huge guys. Looking for good sideboard help and possible changes to the deck. It is focused on being fast!

The Allies

  • Adaptive Automaton
    • Comes in as an ally, buffs all other allies
  • Hada Freeblade
    • Perfect one drop, 1 for 1/2
  • Halimar Excavator
    • This allows us to win via mill. Get three or 4 of these and then eerie shift. BAM no deck
  • Jwari Shapeshifter
    • Bread and butter of allies. Allows us to choose aggro, lifegain or mill to copy
  • Kabira Evangel
    • Protection and unblockable goodness
  • Kazandu Blademaster
    • Our best swinger. First strike, vigilence
  • Ondu Cleric
    • Lifegain, basically the same as halimar but tons of life.
  • Phantasmal Image
    • Cheap copy card. Very vunerable but useful
  • Phyrexian Metamorph
    • Good to keep us safe against big threats that enemies pull out or more allies


Updates Add

First game vs White/Blue Control 0-2. Second game vs Elves Combo 0-2 Third game vs White/Blue/Red Control 1-2

Hard modern night for Allies. Need the Vials!! Hoping to save up and get them soon! Playtesting has proven this deck has lot of potential


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