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So, you have come to join our cause? Good, because we have one, great adventure ahead of us. Now that Gideon and his friends defeated the Eldrazi threat on our home plane of Zendikar, we must look elsewhere for adventure and combat.

So, who will join our interplanar quest for treasure and glory?

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Now, onward! For Treasure, Glory, and Exploration! WE UNITE!


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-Agadeem Occultist: I felt like he was the weakest Ally of the lot. The fact that he only brings back creatures from opponent's graveyards hurts him even more.

-Retreat to Emeria: I was never keen on the card, and it made me rely too much of fetches.

-Coalition Relic: I found a better option, and I need the Relic for a future deck.

-Flameshadow Conjuring: This card was a little weak and color-dependant.

-Allied Reinforcements: I got a few of these effects already, and this seemed to be the weakest of the bunch.

+Kindred Discovery: Much needed card draw-and really good.

+Herald's Horn: A mana reducer that occasionally provides card advantage is always good.

+Kindred Dominance: A much needed boardwipe.

+Mirror of the Forebears: This can allow me to get even more Ally triggers.

+Harsh Mercy: Again, I need boardwipes.

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This deck is not Commander / EDH legal.

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+1 Mirror of the Forebears main
-1 Allied Reinforcements main
-1 Retreat to Emeria main
-1 Coalition Relic main
+1 Harsh Mercy main
+1 Herald's Horn main
-1 Flameshadow Conjuring main
+1 Kindred Discovery main
-1 Agadeem Occultist main
+1 Kindred Dominance main
+1 Kindred Summons maybe
-1 Blade of Selves maybe
-1 Harsh Mercy maybe
+1 Kindred Charge maybe