Thank you for checking out my first Commander Deck. Any suggestions are welcome. All upvotes are appreciated.

So Why Meren?

Meren Deck (Plunder the Graves) is a really fun commander. The graveyard acts as an extension of the hand, so non-exile removal is always temporary. My iteration of the deck is designed to be fun and semi-competitive with a lot of combos.

The Breakdown

Every card fits into a specific category. Many cards fall into multiple categories, granting more value per such card. The categories I used to organize the deck are as follows:

  • Mana Base: General Land Base

  • Ramp: Mana-Curve Cheaters

  • Control: Direct and Indirect Removal and Evasion

  • Utility: General effects. Life gain, Graveyard hate, Tax; and Combat Tricks

  • Necromancy: Effects that either fuel the grave or feed from the grave.

  • Triggers: Experience Point triggers.

  • Tutor/Draw: Card Advantage and Library filters.

  • Win Conditions: Cards that combo extremely well with other cards that should lead to victory.



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