Thank you for checking out my first Commander Deck. Any suggestions are welcome. All upvotes are appreciated.

So Why Meren?

Meren Deck (Plunder the Graves) is a really fun commander. The graveyard acts as an extension of the hand, so non-exile removal is always temporary. My iteration of the deck is designed to be fun and semi-competitive with a lot of combos.

The Breakdown

Every card fits into a specific category. Many cards fall into multiple categories, granting more value per such card. The categories I used to organize the deck are as follows:

  • Mana Base: General Land Base

  • Ramp: Mana-Curve Cheaters

  • Control: Direct and Indirect Removal and Evasion

  • Utility: General effects. Life gain, Graveyard hate, Tax; and Combat Tricks

  • Necromancy: Effects that either fuel the grave or feed from the grave.

  • Triggers: Experience Point triggers.

  • Tutor/Draw: Card Advantage and Library filters.

  • Win Conditions: Cards that combo extremely well with other cards that should lead to victory.


Updates Add

After playing with this deck for a little over a month, I decided to invest in this deck to really pull out its potential. The deck has performed very well at the local game store; and within my immediate group of friends, the deck is competitive as is. That said, based on feedback I've received from players in the comments and experience from piloting the deck, I've made the following updates to increase competitiveness of the deck.


Mana Base




Tutor and Draw


Win Condition

  • ADDED: Protean Hulk

  • REMOVED: Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest. Mazirek seems like an awesome finisher, but he's not. He has the potential to build up a lot of guys; but I don't have enough width to maximize his potential.


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